Destiny 2

Details Revealed For Destiny 2’s Gods Of Mars DLC: Does The Name Of The Enemy Warmind Tease Secrets?

Details for Destiny 2‘s next expansion, titled the Gods of Mars has had a pretty major leak, on the PSN itself. This leak detailed the broad strokes of the upcoming DLC, which has left me and many others carefully optimistic about the upcoming adventure.

Gods of Mars will feature an enemy Warmind known as Charlemagne who has trapped Rasputin inside an ancient vault (increased Vault space confirmed?) and wants to use the Mars Warmind to uncover the secrets of Clovis Bray. Scheduled for release in March 2018, this expansion is still a few months away but will bring with it;

  • New Co-Op Activities presumably in the form of new Strikes, Public Events and a confirmed Raid Lair. The Strikes will most likely be Story Strikes which allowed solo play and a flowing continuance with regards to story in Curse of Osiris.
  • New Area To Explore: While we are not getting a new planet to explore in Gods of Mars, Guardians will be taking a trip to a new region of Mars known as the Frigid Vale, which may present a new take on the red planet. Thumbs up for ice and hopefully some of those Dawning snowballs…permanently.
  • New Enemy Faction: It has finally happened, we are getting a brand new faction to shoot in the face, which will add some much-needed variety. The new faction are known as Remnants and will most likely be some form of controlled AI, operated by Charlemagne to carry out his interests. They could even be Frames (looking your way Benedict).
  • New Gear to earn: surprising no one, Gods of Mars will present new weapons and armour to add to your collection, alongside a selection of new Exotics.

Ana Bray Returns

Ana Bray makes her triumphant return to assist you in the battle against Charlemagne, and will most likely serve as your key quest giver and dialogue-exchanger much like Sagira. For those unfamiliar, Ana Bray is an extremely powerful Hunter thought by many to be dead. A Gunslinger who had such a substantial connection to the Light that as she fought at the Battle of Twilight Gap, her Golden Gun blasts left radiating pools of Light.

Uncover The Secrets Of Clovis Bray

Clovis Bray

Charlemagne is interested in the secrets that Clovis Bray have been hiding since the Golden Age. Clovis Bray was a powerful and technologically advanced scientific organisation responsible for artificial intelligence, including the development of the Exos and Warminds, the invention of the Engram and the creation of SIVA among other things. Ana Bray is one of only six known Brays and most likely the only one left alive, thanks to her being a Guardian. Since it is a re-awakened Warmind/AI that is attempting to breach the perimeter of Clovis Bray, the campaign would definitely revolve around the AI aspect of the secretive organisation.

Charlemagne The Great

Names have power and while Rasputin draws its name from a renowned Russian miracle-worker and mystic, our new foe draws its name from Charlemagne the Great, a medieval king who spent much of his life in warfare, attempting to unite the entirety of the Germanic peoples. Being a skilled strategist he was mostly successful throughout his reign, much like the Destiny 2 Charlemagne would have to be in order to trap the elusive Rasputin.

It is entirely speculation but Charlemagne, who is obviously also skilled in warfare, could be attempting to crack the solution to creating more deadly war machines, Exos in essence. Clovis Bray held the secret to creating the first Exos, a secret even Guardian Exos do not know. Charlemagne could be attempting to make a veritable army of AI warriors to expand its influence and take down the other factions.

What do you think of the new DLC details? Despite the problems with Destiny 2, are you excited about Gods of Mars and the return of Rasputin?

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