Did Gearbox Hint At New Weapons Manufacturers In Borderlands 3?

It is no big secret, or even a secret at all that Gearbox is currently working on Borderlands 3, with approximately 90% of the studio working on a new title, as announced at PAX West.

Fans of the game, and pretty much everyone who has even heard of Borderlands will know that weapons play a pretty important part of this game, with gazillions of guns being the commonly used term.

A Tweet sent out by the official Borderlands account on New Years Eve Eve Eve (29th December) sent out a rather ambiguously worded message revolving around the weapons manufacturers of the Borderlands universe.

The fact that this Tweet does not come alongside any promotional deal for the Borderlands series points to the upcoming title. If we break down the weapons manufacturers in each game instalment, Borderlands 1 had ten manufacturers, while Borderlands 2 and the Pre-Sequel each had eight.

If we count S&S Munitions and Atlas out as weapons manufacturers, the former was put out of business by Bandit and Atlas faded from existence at the end of Borderlands 1, that leaves us with eight possible choices, which will most likely carry over to the next game.

The above Tweet seems to hint that at least three of the main weapon producers will be making a return and it is hard to imagine a Borderlands universe without the other five.

Borderlands 2 Weaponry.jpg

In case you are unfamiliar with each manufacturer’s trademark here is a cursory summation;

  • Torgue: Explosive projectiles just because.
  • Jakobs: High damage, high accuracy and hidden critical bonus. Old-timey western look. (My personal favourites).
  • Hyperion: Negative recoil making them more accurate the longer they are fired.
  • Bandit: Large magazines. Somewhat aggressive design.
  • Dahl: Burst-fire when zoomed. High stability.
  • Mailwan: Always elementally charged. High elemental effect chance.
  • Tediore: Fast reload. Throws weapon like a grenade when reloaded.
  • Vladof: Weapon fire rate increases the longer the trigger is held.

In the previous Borderlands games there have also been the Eridian charged weapons which gave way to a new weapon type, Eridian in BL1 and E-Tech in BL2. It is quite possible that one of the newer manufacturers has gained a monopoly on these obscure and awesome weapons but we will have to wait for a confirmation to be sure.

Make no mistake Borderlands 3 is on its way so stay tuned for more teasers and little clues that will turn all of us into loot-hunting, gun-wanting amateur detectives.


With the official release of Borderlands 3, there has been more information unveiled about the gun manufacturers.

-Atlas will have weaponry able to fire tracker tags and utilise Smart Bullets.
-Dahl weapons feature alternate fire modes.
-Maliwan will incorporate firearms able to switch between two elements, as well as deal guaranteed elemental damage.
-Children of the Vault (CoV) has replaced Bandit.

There will, most likely, be more information revolving around gun company changes that we will become privy to, as time goes on.


However, the fact that the guns that can grow legs will also chase down enemies and verbally abuse them, is definitely going to be a highlight.

3 thoughts on “Did Gearbox Hint At New Weapons Manufacturers In Borderlands 3?

    1. First of all, why do you have to resort to name calling. There was no reason for that and also they were put out of business on Pandora by Bandit.


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