Paladins: Champions of the Realm

Paladins Is Getting Two New Game Modes Along With Moji, A Magically-Charged Flank

Hi-Rez Expo is in full swing with some of the best esports teams competing around the world are competing for honour, for glory and for really big trophies. The Keynote talk, in particular for Paladins, highlighted some of the biggest changes coming to the game in OB65 with an open acknowledgement that console will still be a week behind when it comes to Patch Updates. OB65, while it will still have its fair share of skin customisations, focuses more on gameplay updates, which will add some variety and hopefully increases the fun factor. Next Patch I do hope they fix some of the rampant bugs that still traipse through the game but for now, let us look at the new skins coming into the Realm.

High Elf Lian

In terms of VIP, there is only one offering that will be available for purchase and that is High Elf Lian. Perfectly suited for the Realm of fantasy, wonder and auto-aiming weaponry, the gorgeous red hair is quite striking and I have honestly been waiting for an elf character for ages! We have a goblin, a dragon, a knight and now we finally have an elf.

Lunar Chest

Every other customisation is locked behind a 70 Crystal chest that is helping us celebrate the New Year, Paladins style. The Lunar Chest will contain a few existing emotes but is mostly chockablock with Lunar themed skins.

Madame Seris

An example would be Madame Seris, which brings a classic Chinese lantern to the forefront of the battle, not quite sure how durable that would be, but it is there regardless.

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The Lunar Chest will also contain;

  • Firecracker Willo
  • Lotus Tyra
  • Prosperous Makoa

These are on top of themed weapons for Tyra, Viktor, Makoa, Vivian, Drogoz and of course the Epic weapon for Seris.

Twitch Bomb King Primal Prowler

Twitch Prime subscribers will also get free, permanent access to the purple encrusted Twitch Prime Bomb King, with one of the coolest, yet somehow cringiest voice packs out there, and a brand new Mount.

Instead of a horse, players will be able to ride the Primal Prowler into battle, a giant sabre-tooth tiger covered in vicious looking armour. One of the things I really like about the Primal Prowler is how the team at Hi-Rez perfected the movement of the cat, it just has a smooth running animation that copies how they would’ve run in the wilds, much like cheetahs and other large cats.

Both Twitch Bomb King and the Primal Prowler are going to be Limited items available for free through a Twitch Prime subscription. When it is released, you can sign up for a free trial and gain these awesome items.

Trade District

Moving on now, there are two new game modes coming to Paladins in OB65, along with the arrival of a new map, Trade District, set in the ever popular Stone Keep. Filled with secrets of the Magistrate and her vicious regime, the Trade District is also occupied by merchants, disrupted by the endless fighting of our Champions.

Team Deathmatch

Trade District is one of three maps, alongside Foreman’s Rise and Magistrates Court that will comprise the Team Deathmatch Queue, where two teams will compete for superiority to find out who is the greatest death-dealer of them all. The game mode is still structured around team composition but with a greater emphasis on straight up killing, which will provide a little casual fun and non-objective based gameplay. I mean, as long as you don’t consider getting to 40 kills and winning the match before the other team an objective.

Paladins Battlegrounds

Survival is making a return to Paladins with some pretty major changes, that have me hesitant but excited. Paladins Battlegrounds is a 100 player survival mode, that is once again focused heavily on team composition and good, smart choices.

Teams will spawn into this massive arena that is 300x bigger than the biggest Paladins Siege map and will fight their over through over four dozen outposts, tracking down zeppelins which drop Legendary loot and hunting down other players. The catch is that the fog is closing in, forcing players, inevitably into a close-quarters conflict where only one team will be victorious. Very Hunger Games Hi-Rez. I like it.

This mode comes at a time when survival based games like PUBG and Fortnite are quite popular so it could draw in some new players who want to exclusively play the new game mode. It adds some characteristic fantasy flair to classic survival and it forces players to stay on the move, for a more active, fun experience. I cannot wait to try it.

Paladins Battlegrounds will be arriving in the Realm next week for PC players and the week after that for consoles. Not too long now.

Moji Is Here With Her Friends


Finally, Paladins is getting yet another Flank Champion added to the Realm in the form of a tiny, magically charged, familiar-summoning Magician known as Moji. Moji is capable of summoning powerful beasts and creatures from all over the Realm but has her two-headed favourite by her side when the battle starts. Her abilities revolve much around her familiar-summoning proficiency and a damage-increasing buff which will make her quite formidable as an assassin.

Familiar Spirit allows her familiar to fire out a magical projectile every 0.6 seconds which hits for 250 damage each. This is increased by every stack of Magic Mark that your victim has accumulated which can be quite dangerous indeed, especially if she blind-sides her targets and hits them with a marking ability before they have a chance to counter.

Familiar Spray is up next, which creates a column of magical energy that deals 50 damage every 0.1 seconds. This may not seem like a lot but every time this column damages a target, it gifts them with one Magic Mark stack, up to a possible ten. Not to mention, this column could damage multiple Champions if they happen to be close together. Moji’s value will definitely come from whether or not she can use her Magic Mark effectively.

Moji #2.jpg

Out on the back-line all alone, Moji needs a defensive ability which just happens to be Magic Barrier (-10 Mana for lack of creativity). Magic Barrier projects an impenetrable forcefield for two seconds so pick the perfect time to use it or you may be left hanging. The catch is that every time an enemy damages your barrier, they receive ten stacks of Magic Mark, allowing for a pretty decisive counter with Familiar Spray.

Scamper is Moji’s movement ability allowing her and her familiar to scamper forward in a way I imagine is similar to Mal’Damba’s Slither.

Bon Appetit

Her Ultimate ability is actually one I am very eager to try out. Bon Appetit, sees Moji transform a single target into a large treat, the perfect size for a two-headed dragon. This treat can be eaten by Moji’s dragon which will basically instakill the poor soul who happened to get hit by it. If you are on the receiving end, your only hope is that your team can protect you long enough. Bon Appetit has a side bonus of preventing any ability-based revival, which basically means that the ability is basically a counter to Terminus and his devastating res.

OB65 is slated to arrive on PC very soon with console only a week behind. Console players still need their fix of OB64 before anything else so hopefully both these patches are not too far off.

What do you think about Paladins OB65 and more importantly what do you think of Moji and her two-headed dragon companion?

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