Paladins: Champions of the Realm

Paladins’ First Cinematic Lore Trailer Is Here, Showing The Start Of The Conflict

Hi-Rez Studios has been promising lore for such a long time and over the last week, we have gotten our first glimpse at a rather badass cinematic trailer featuring Ash, Androxus and Tyra all competing in the Trade District. Today, a new lore cinematic known as ‘A Realm Divided’ has been unearthed in a beautiful storybook fashion, telling about the conflict and the discovery that started the years of fighting in the Realm.

You may have heard of the Magistrate, who I believed to be a solitary individual, but which is actually a series of three powerful Magicians who ruled the Realm in a time of peace and prosperity. This golden age was established by an elite group of warriors known as the Paladins led by Valera, who wielded dangerous still and lethal style, but who weren’t the eclectic group that they are today.


The Paladins were disbanded due to the lack of need for warrior types but the discovery of special crystals changed all that, allowing technological innovations thrive, which seemingly were all developed and built by Barik. When the Magistrate, particularly Magistrate Karne, got wind of the crystals, they began to forcibly take them to deprive the ‘common folk’ of any magic or possibility, in the grandest form of elitism.


The crystals were weaponised and a rebellion was formed, with familiar faces on both sides of the conflict. Viktor, the ever-loyal soldier wanted the peace that came with the crystals being gone, while Barik, Inara, and Terminus were part of the rebellion, once again led by Valera, under the old banner of the Paladins.

We have known for a while that Terminus met his ugly fate at the hands of the War Machine, Ash, who shattered his body while he fought alongside Inara. The voice line that plays when Terminus strikes down an Ash, “Now YOU will break” is a clear indicator. Using the very same crystals, it seems the Magistrate had brought back Terminus, to operate as an executioner, very much a slave of a will not his own.

Valera 2.png

The voice lines are only one part of the puzzle, now that we are getting cinematic trailers and the addition of Lore Quests very soon, it is only a matter of time before we uncover the full story. The real question is, and I believe it will be true is if Valera will become the next playable character in the Realm? She has a glowing crystal sword, weaponised by Barik and would fit right in as a strong force on the battlefield.

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