Sea Of Thieves

Sea Of Thieves Closed Beta Release Date Has Been Announced

With months of testing under its belt as part of the Technical Alpha, Sea of Thieves has finally gotten a release date for its highly coveted closed beta. The closed beta will be open to anyone who pre-ordered or pre-orders the game as well as being open to the tens of thousands of players who participated in the Technical Alpha.

The closed beta for Sea of Thieves will run from Wednesday 24th of January at 12pm GMT all the way until 8am GMT on Monday the 29th of Jan. For all of us in Australia, that will be 10pm and 6pm respectively. As for what will be available in the closed beta, the team at Rare have crafted a bespoke experience, custom-made and tailored for ultimate player enjoyment, in order to give everyone a little taste of the adventures to be had in Sea of Thieves.

Obviously, not everything will be open for players to discover with plenty of secrets and activities being left out for the full release of Sea of Thieves but I imagine the core elements of the game will be exposed for us to plunder at will.

For all you content creators out there, the NDA has been lifted on the content of the closed beta. That means you can stream it, you can record it, you can screenshot images and write about it, the virtual ocean is open to you all.

If you were a member of the Technical Alpha I imagine that you will get an email with instructions and possibly a code informing you how to gain access to the CB. If you pre-ordered the game through the Xbox store or Windows store, it will appear in your games library 24 hours prior to the closed beta start date. If you pre-ordered through a retailer, you will need to get the access code for the Black Dog cosmetic pack.

I cannot wait to see you all sailing on the Sea of Thieves. Happy pirating! The only question now is;

Is your crew ready?

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