Khora, The Damage-Altering Warframe Is Getting An Ability Rework

Khora has been shown off in the last few Devstreams as basically the cat-Frame, able to summon her very own Kavat at will and utilise a series of whip-based abilities. Her biggest appeal came from the fact that she was able to alter her damage type at will, between Puncture, Slash and Impact, which in turn affected her subsequent abilities.

Khora was lined up to be released alongside the new damage system, dubbed Damage 2.5, which will place more significance on each type. However, in the latest Devstream (104), Damage 2.5 will have to undergo more tweaking and fine-tuning to get perfect, which means Khora will be shipping without her damage-altering abilities in order to release her in a timely manner. The scope of this ability rework is not clear but at the very least, I expect to see the switching-at-will function to be altered.

Mesa Deluxe

Devstream #104 had a few more secrets to unveil before our beloved dev team was ushered out of the building following a fire alarm. Progress was shown for Mesa’s awesome looking deluxe skin, which, for the unfamiliar, is basically a full body customisation option, providing new textures and awesome looking features.

2-Handed Katana

The new two-handed Katana was shown off in all its precise glory. While it is not ready for release to the skilled Warframe players out there, it is looking quite deadly.

Warframe Vehicle

One of the bigger announcements of the Devstream was for the hijackable Dargyns on the Plains of Eidolon, which, given by the word ‘hijack’, can be found and piloted by players on the Plains. They are able to be manoeuvred quite effectively while you mow down your enemies with a constant stream of bullets. The plus side is that if you dismount mid-air, the Dargyn will simply float down and hover above the ground, ready to be taken back up into the air.

The dev team also vaguely mentioned a new open-world area being developed which is a lot bigger than the Plains of Eidolon and some new cinematic quests which are being developed. There are a lot of good things to look forward to in 2018. I am just glad that the dev team is okay after the alarm and hope that their ears will recover from the unrelenting noise.

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