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Explore A Gorgeous Nordic Forest And Sing Your Own Song In Fe

There are few games that are truly beautiful right from the get-go, sure we have a lot of games with amazing graphics but the simple almost sublime look of Fe is on another level. An adventure game at its core, Fe forgoes the traditional hand-holding style of a lot of games, instead opting for more subtle, exploration-based gameplay.

Fe Gorgeousness

This exploration is both familiar and alien for players as much of the game will rely on player observations of natural interactions, which in turn will lead to more secrets being uncovered. You must simply experiment with different combinations in a delightful trial and error, as well as observe the interactions of the forest.

The Silent Ones

Fe is a game told wordlessly, without narration or character dialogue, where you must take control of the fox-like Fe, in order to uncover the secrets of the mysterious Silent Ones and their determination to lay waste to the beautiful forest that Fe and so many other mystical creatures call home.

The game itself may be wordless, but that does not mean it is soundless, with the main gameplay mechanic coming in the form of heart-melting songs. This is how Fe, and through her, the player will interact with the entire world of Fe. Starting off with a single song, you will be able to interact with other members of your species, and certain species of plants.

Learn New Song Fe

Fe Song Communication

As you advance through the game, you will chance across giant deer and other creatures besides, which you can help and learn new songs. These songs will, as you can probably guess, allow you to communicate with new creatures and plants throughout the forest. You will then be able to travel back to past areas, with your newfound songs and unlock additional areas, full of secrets and the origins of the Silent Ones.

Fe Forest

The songs can be used to interact with birds who can lead you to special tools or objectives, plants that will act as jump pads, and much more besides.

Fe Gliding

As for Fe, she does not come without her own special set of skills. Along with the basic jump ability of most adventure games, Fe can also utilise a rather manoeuvrable glide and an adorable climbing ability that sees her scale trees and other climbable objects with an easy speed.

Fe was developed by Zoink Games and has promised to deliver a sublime and beautiful experience for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. It is a shame that I do not have a Switch as Fe would be the perfect game to play on the go. Mark your calendars for February 16th, 2018 and get ready for a gorgeous exploration-based experience.

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