Sea Of Thieves

Rare Talks Sea Of Thieves Worlds And Hidden Secrets And Possible Sea Serpents?

Sea of Thieves holds many secrets and unique locations lovingly handcrafted by the team at Rare. The latest developer update discusses how vibrant and alive the world they have created is.

SOT Wilds

Described as a pirate adventure playground, Sea of Thieves is designed to communicate tales of the story and legends of the world through its visuals. From the murky unknown of the deep to the blue water of the Sea of Plenty to the dark, ominous landscape of the wilds, Sea of Thieves is a game where the lore isn’t explicitly stated or readable in dusty old tomes. You live the lore, you live the adventures and the landscape assists with that.

SOT Unique Landmark

Primarily, even before you consider the actual piracy and even the skellies hiding just beneath your feet, Sea of Thieves is a game of exploration. The sometimes little unique features and special landmarks make the world seem more vibrant and alive as if we aren’t just creating the story ourselves but as if the story is happening with or without us.

SOT Shipwreck Bay

Take the Thieves Haven, for example, a pirate outpost where there are ships in varying stages of completion, as well as gangways and innumerable other signs of habitation. There are pirates here that are either making repairs to a battered ship or trying to build a new one for some unknown purpose.

SOT Ghost Ship

The same can be said about the ghost ships where we will find ourselves again and again in the presence of other fallen pirates, some notorious and hailed as legends, others, like you, still carving out their place on the sea.

There are plenty of secrets on the Sea of Thieves that, as pirates, we will have to explore and uncover for ourselves. However, the developer update revealed or more appropriately, teased some of the possible dangers we will face other than skeletons and the feared Kraken.

There is the skeleton of a rearing sea serpent, dead for countless ages, still striking a formidable figure on the horizon. Could this be a sign of sea serpents writhing in the deep, waiting to crush your ship with its mighty jaws? Or could it be something far more sinister, causing the dead serpent to rise again?

Special altars where also mentioned, that honour specific indigenous wildlife, such as those on Snake Island and Crab Island. An altar was never utilised with reverence towards a specific creature if there was not some sort of sign or powerful presence in the vicinity. Imagine a giant crab or snake scuttling and slithering towards pirate crews and forcing them to fend for their lives with a potential for great loot.

The world and islands of Sea of Thieves hold greater secrets within them than we can possibly know, at least at this time, and each update just fills players, myself definitely included, with wonder.

What do you think about giant Crabs and Snakes, or even a skeletal Sea Serpent? 

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