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Paladins Ability Breakdown, Tips And Tricks For Moji And Her Familiar, Po-Li

Moji is the latest Champion to join the Realm in Paladins and I for one, am incredibly happy that it is a truly fantastical character in all aspects. Moji is one of the rabbit-like Leipori who is capable of summoning powerful nature spirits in order to do battle, of which Po-Li is her favourite.

Moji operates under a very simple buff, known as Magic Mark, which enables a damage-buff the more stacks an enemy has. Magic Mark essentially forms the key to Moji’s damage capability and if you do not use it, I am sorry to say you are not playing Moji anywhere near her potential. Magic Mark is shown in-game in the form of a star above hostile Champion’s heads – the star will start off purple and will begin to fill as you deal damage with Familiar Spray. A full stack of Magic Mark will turn the star into a glowing yellow beacon. Definitely hit those enemies quickly.

Po-Li operates as Moji’s weapon and as a fun little side effect, any Golden Booster Weapon you purchase for her will turn Po-Li gold. Po-Li has two personalities which can be described simply as dopey and pissed off. The dopey yet incredibly adorable head is able to utilise Familiar Spit, which sees a far-travelling projectile thrown at her enemies. Familiar Spit is the main attack of Moji and the main cause of the bonus damage applied by Magic Mark, in-fact it is the only way to take advantage.

Moji Familiar Spray Familiar Spray sends a column of magic fire cascading towards a target (or targets) and aside from dealing a decent amount of damage, it provides the ever-growing damage buff of Magic Mark. You are able to activate both the Familiar Spit and Familiar Spray attacks at the exact same time to increase your damage but one tip that will see you dominate the field is to stagger your Familiar Spits.

Let as much Magic Mark build up on a target as possible before spitting out a projectile, as it will allow the buff to increase so to help you maximise damage. Constantly spitting magic projectiles seems like a good idea but you are actually removing Magic Mark before it can be made impactful. If you stagger your Familiar Spit with a constant column of Familiar Spray, you will see definite results.

Moji Magic Barrier

Just make sure you pay attention to your surroundings and most importantly, the health of Moji. The amount of times I have completely forgotten I had a shield is ridiculous, I am too enthralled by the adorable dragon. Magic Barrier is a short-duration shield that will prevent Moji from taking any damage for two seconds. This is not even the best effect, as it will also hit any opponents who damage the barrier, with ten stacks of Magic Mark aka a glowing star.

Magic Barrier does not strike me as a particularly defensive ability, more a way to deflect major or even minor damage in return for a huge damage bonus when you detonate the Magic Mark. Using it defensively to recover with low health will simply prolong the inevitable and unless you have an eagle-eyed Support and happen to be close enough for them to save you, Moji will drop seconds after the Magic Barrier fails. It is a way to counter attacks and turn an apparent disadvantage into a major advantage. Plus Moji’s Magic Barrier can block Torvald’s Hyper Beam and undoubtedly any number of other Champion Ults.

Moji Scamper

Scamper is Moji’s mobility ability although she still remains a pretty large moving target, with her sizeable hitbox. You are able to control her direction as Po-Li runs which is a huge asset, as you can make relatively quick changes to your path depending on how gameplay has progressed. One of the downsides to Scamper is the fact that it takes a little while to get to full speed allowing enemy Champs to finish you off before you have quite gotten away. Either way, it is a great ability either to charge into the middle of battle or to retreat in a big hurry. It is also the perfect way to bridge the gap between Moji and the Bon Appetit treat!

Moji Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit is one of my favourite abilities in any game ever, as, through use of a probably complex spell, Moji transforms a single victim into a delectable treat for Po-Li to consume. If you manage to get to the treat and run over it or basically come into contact with it you will instantly kill the poor transformed soul.

Be careful with using Bon Appetit from too far away as the Champion-turned-treat can still hop away until the spell wears off, this is where Scamper can come in very handy. However, much like many Ultimate abilities, Bon Appetit will not work when it comes into contact with shields. It is very tempting and probably encouraged to take down a hard to kill target, but tossing it towards a Fernando with his shield active or something similar will just end in a wasted Ult. Unless that hard to kill target is Terminus, as Bon Appetit serves quite explicitly as a hard counter to the Fallen by preventing any revival-based abilities. Basically, if you kill Terminus with your Moji Ult, Terminus cannot revive himself.

I highly recommend you all try Moji, as she brings a lot of power and fun, quick gameplay moments to Paladins. She has made me want to play Flanks, or at least her, for longer periods of time because of her sheer versatility and subtle complexity…plus there is a dragon.

What do you think of Moji? Will she stand pride of place as your new main? 

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