It Is The Year Of The Legendary Pokemon With A Yearlong Series Of Distribution Events

Get ready Pokemon fans because we have a busy year ahead of us with a bunch of Legendary Pokemon being given away for free at GameStop stories, presumably alongside Eb Games. Each month, a couple new Legendary Pokemon will be available for UltraSun, UltraMoon, Sun and Moon,  through a special code that you can get in-store, so if you are missing any, now is the time to mark your calendars.

There will be two Pokemon available per monthly event, locked to a given game but that is not the sole difference. Pokemon Level and Moveset will also be affected with Pokemon UltraSun and UltraMoon owners getting their Legendary Pokemon at Level 100, while Sun and Moon will get theirs at Level 60.

As each event begins, I will update this article with more specific information on each Pokemon, primarily what Legendary is available for each version of the game.

February: Dialga Or Palkia

February Event.png

Palkia will be available for owners of PokemonUltraSun and Pokemon Sun with Dialga being gifted to Pokemon Moon and UltraMoon owners. Movesets have slight differences between all four game versions but the big Legendary specific abilities, aka Spacial Rend and Roar of Time will be learned no matter what.

February’s distribution event begins on the second of Feb and will run until the 28th.

March: Heatran Or Regigigas

March Event


April: Raikou Or Entei

April Event

May: Yveltal Or Xerneas

May Event

June: Shiny Zygarde

June Event

July: Thundurus Or Tornadus

July Event

August: Kyogre Or Groudon

August Event

September: Latias Or Latios

September Event

October: Reshiram Or Zekrom

October Event

November: Ho-Oh or Lugia

November Event