Sea Of Thieves

Tales From The Tavern Talks New Features Coming To Sea Of Thieves In 2018

The latest Tales From The Tavern for Sea of Thieves released a few days prior to the opening of the closed beta was a mixed bag of content. The first half discussing the accomplishments of the Technical Alpha and the amazing new additions that have come since launch, with the second half dedicated to player questions.

While there wasn’t a lot of concrete evidence for new content, the team at Rare did hint at a few upcoming changes, which have been broken down for you guys and gals.

Trading Companies Will Rotate In And Out

Order of Souls Close Up

It has already been stated that Sea of Thieves will be given a lot of great post-launch care in the form of new content and updates to constantly make the game feel alive and ever-changing. These content updates could take the form of new Trading Companies, which will enter the Sea of Thieves, bringing with them new motivations, new quests/bounties and new rewards.

Currently, the game will have three main Trading Companies, the Order of Souls, who focus on the skeleton magic that their skulls possess, the Gold Hoarders who are all in it for treasure, and the Merchant Alliance, bringing a desire for economic wealth and trade routes.

Lack Of UI Clues

Sea Of Thieves Rifles

This is not so much a new feature for Sea of Thieves as much as it is a notable one, as Rare wanted to game to feel more like a proper pirate adventure free from all but the most basic of UI cues.

Rare has been quite clever in this regard, especially when given the example of the rifle, Eye of Reach, a ranged weapon that was first seen in the Progression video. This rifle, which has a spyglass tied to it for aiming purposes, will not have any crosshairs, much like every weapon in the game. Instead, Rare has equipped it with world clues such as a crack in the lens, serving as a reticle but not ruining the immersion.

Brig Changes

Sea of Thieves Brig

The brig was a delightful feature added to the ships in Sea of Thieves in order to manage toxic or counter-productive behaviour. If a particular crewmate gets a vote to lock him/her in the brig, from three other crew, they will get locked in ship gaol until they are voted out again.

What Rare have discovered through this is that players were using the brig to ‘manage their sessions’ and if they had a group of three friends, occasionally they would lock any fourth pirate in the brig. Obviously, this is not a great experience for the poor soul who gets locked up for the crime of wanting to play Sea of Thieves, so changes are in the works to make it possible for three-pirate crews to sail on the big ship without getting another addition. This change will be coming before the launch of the game in March.

With Sea of Thieves currently in closed beta, pirates from all around the world will be embarking on their own adventures, whether for fame, fortune or simply to explore. The team at Rare is dedicated to constantly updating the game and making sure that Sea of Thieves stays as fresh and wondrous as the first moment we all step onto the deck of a ship.

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