For Honor

Dedicated Servers Are Finally Coming In For Honor’s Age Of Wolves

I will tell you the truth, For Honor has kind of faded from my mind since it’s release and while I knew about the arrival of new seasons and characters, it hasn’t commanded my attention but Season Five has piqued my curiosity.

First of all, Season Five of For Honor, dubbed Age Of Wolves will bring hero changes to five members of the roster; Kensei, Conqueror, Nobushi, Berserker and Highlander, which will bring them into a more stable bracket balance wise and basically boost their performance in comparison to the other heroes.

Age of Wolves New Sword.png

Alongside these balance changes, Age of Wolves will bring new gear in the form of weapons and armour, new emotes and new executions but by far the best thing to take away from this free update is the fact that dedicated servers will finally be rolling around.

Having dedicated servers, in a broad sense, means that For Honor’s PVP modes, which have suffered quite a bit from network and server issues, will offer a more stable experience. No more will the game pause or crash due to a player leaving an ongoing match which will lead to smoother gameplay. Dedicated servers will also prevent a player’s NAT type hindering their ability to matchmake which will allow the game to create game sessions more easily.

Going into Season Five of For Honor, games are going to be created and held a lot easier than in the past and it is no doubt that it is a positive change but hopefully, the arrival of dedicated servers is not too late an addition after the few issues that the P2P system could generate.

Either way, the arrival of dedicated servers is a big step for the game and for the passionate community that spends hours upon hours honing their blade skills, the Age of Wolves will be a glorious golden age. Not to mention, the arrival of dedicated servers will act as a call to many players who love the concept of For Honor but were turned off by the multiplayer issues.

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