Snap, Crackle, POP: A New Line Of Halo Pop Vinyls Are On Their Way

Master Chief be praised, we have waited a long time to be graced with a new line of Halo Pops and they do not disappoint. Seven new Pop Vinyls are up for grabs, from the perfectly chaotic duo of Master Chief and Cortana to Gunnery Sergeant Edward Buck, the Arbiter, and of course, Sergeant Major Avery Johnson.

Halo Pop Vinyls

Breaking it down, the new series brings two new Master Chief Pops to the table, a darker version of John-117 complete with a mini Cortana, and a light coloured Pop with the close-quarters Energy Sword, a powerful Covenant melee weapon.

The Arbiter.jpg

There are also two variants of Arbiter Thel Vadam, with both gold and silver armour, each sporting the Covenant Energy Sword. It’s Halo so you will just have to buy both. The Arbiter is the highest honour in the Covenant military but it is also an indirect death sentence, due to the extreme danger of the missions they are sent on. The title of Arbiter is given to disgraced commanders attempting to get their honour and reputation back and offers great reward and status if they succeed, or martyrdom if they fail…which they often do. Thel Vadam, who was unable to prevent the destruction of Installation 04, as well as losing the newly arrived Covenant flagship, Ascendant Justice, to Master Chief.

Gunnery Sergeant Edward Buck, portrayed by Nathan Fillion in the Halo games also has his very own Pop figure, sporting the staple UNSC Assault Rifle. Buck was an ODST soldier turned Spartan IV, who eventually found himself under the command of Sergeant Jameson Locke and who features quite heavily in Halo 5: Guardians.

Finally, we have two versions of Sergeant Johnson, hefting what appears to be the Spartan Laser with which he attempted to take down 343 Guilty Spark while trying to activate a Halo ring. Sergeant Johnson has had quite the career after death, first returning as a Leader in Halo Wars 2 and now as a delightful Pop Vinyl.

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