Sea Of Thieves

My Sea Of Thieves Adventure: A Drunken, Treasure-Filled Search For The Perfect Screenshot

Ahoy, assorted pirates and treasure seekers. The Sea of Thieves closed beta has faded into pirate legend and I cannot think of a better time to speak of my experiences sailing around the beautiful oceans. Spoiler alert, I was drunk most of the time. In-game. Yes, just in-game…

Sea of Thieves Land Ho

Anywhoozle, my adventure began with being dropped with a lovely duo of pirates, both of whom were just out for the fun of it…as long as we were getting rich along the way. Taking the role of lookout, I scrambled up into the crows nest and took stock of the amazing world that Rare has created.

Sea of Thieves Waves

You really do not need to do anything but simply appreciate the beauty of the world, from the gorgeous and intricately created islands, with all their hidden secrets and puzzles, to the gosh darn waves. I mean, these are the most realistic looking waves I have ever seen in a game. They are more realistic than real waves. From the way the light reflects off the surface, to the height of them during storms, or even the way they behave when they get choppy it definitely adds a sublime sense of realism.

Sea of Thieves Night Compass

So, as the story goes, my crew was already on their pirate voyage and had amassed quite the sum of treasure, which I happily took a share in…I’m a pirate what did you expect? We weren’t ready to go back to port yet, having our fair share of treasure maps and riddles to solve. Fast-forward through me trying to remember how to cycle my weapons and indeed, where my banana was. No innuendo here, I don’t want no scurvy.

Rock On The Horizon.png

My second order of business was to have a drink or two…or three, it was a long day of plundering and it was 5pm somewhere. Confidently drunk, I decided to take the helm, no one was there to stop me, they were looking at the map because they didn’t trust my directions. So obviously I was the natural choice to steer.

Sea of Thieves Bailing Water

In hindsight, someone should have stopped me. But we all got to have a go at repairing the ship because drunk pirate me is really great at hitting the only rocks in an empty ocean.  On the plus side, I got to get some exercise running around trying to empty our ship of water. There was something profoundly soothing about the activity.

Sea of Thieves Fish

After several treasure maps completed and our hauls of gold and jewels taken back to our ships, we took to the seas once again to try and complete a riddle quest, which was honestly one of the most enjoyable things that I got to do. We had to search for the source of a river and play music for a mysterious entity. Following the path of a waterfall, I traipsed up towards the top of the island where I found a special pool, leading down towards the ocean, guarded by a fish statue. Naturally, I busted out my accordion and played a soothing melody, which revealed our next clue.

Finding the mermaids standing guard was quite easy, but was followed by about five minutes of confusion and struggle when we couldn’t find the chest right away. I mean it would have been easier if went north-west like the riddle said, instead of north-east. I promise I am somewhat smart.

The adventures did not end there, no no no. We decided to head back to port because we had a rather large quantity of treasure chests on board that was giving me anxiety. Apart from the threat of other pirates taking what is rightfully ours, we kept taking on water. This may have been my fault because I thought I could man the helm because I was sober…I was wrong.

Sea of Thieves Fortress

While on our way back to our beloved outpost which for the life of me I cannot remember, we ended up stumbling on a mini Skeleton fortress thing, that surprisingly was not manned by that many undead. But it provided a great chance for some exploration and to hone our combat skills. So naturally, I fired myself out of a cannon to save time and began my exploration. My crew and I successfully fought off a few skellies and had a grand old time collecting much-needed resources…wooden planks mostly. Something kept happening to ours…

Eye of Reach Seagulls.png

Firing ourselves back onto our ship (literally my proudest moment) we took to the seas once again, with me safely (and wisely) chilling in the cockpit with my Eye of Reach. It was from there that I spotted a group of seagulls which always signals a shipwreck, so of course we were going to explore that. Doesn’t matter that we are in Shark Bait Bay or Cove or something…it had something to do with sharks. We dive down, apparently unconcerned with our mighty haul of treasure being left unguarded.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

‘Twas a relatively uneventful trip down to the wreck, although I was really impressed with my pirate’s breath-holding-skills. We located the barnacle-covered chest really quickly and began to make our way to the surface but … SHARKS EVERYWHERE. They appeared from nowhere and it was like an animated version of Jaws. Of course, since I had the chest, I left my crew behind to fight the sharks, treasure waits for no man or fish.

Sea of Thieves Ghost Ship

In what is probably a delightful karmic twist, I died.

After getting back from the realm of the dead, we were all business, systematically eliminating sharks left, right and centre so we could retrieve our treasure chest, which despite being full of metal and riches, was surprisingly lightweight.

Sea of Thieves Outpost

Then it was back off to the outpost, where we encountered a small two-man sloop just chilling in port. I have to commend them for their parking job, it was right up against the pier. We were worried about all the treasure we were carrying so we anchored the ship off the coast on the other side of the outpost. Needless to say, we had some hustle to us.

Turns out the two pirates manning the other ship were AFK, which we discovered after attempting to make contact and peace. With the lack of an answer I got bored and went to see what the Gold Hoarders had to offer, I am, after all, a pirate. One of my more aggressive crew members decided he was going to kill the two pirates for the unfortunate crime of being away from controller in what was probably an incredibly unwise move.

Sea of Thieves Aurora

It was unwise because they came back, and even though three-quarters of the crew had nothing to do with the senseless murder, we all paid the price. This was unfortunate because, with Sea of Thieves being as beautiful as it is, I was taking screenshots everywhere, which included a beautiful night sky. Glimpsing a gorgeous aurora, I made my way up the mast to the crows nest taking the above shot halfway up. Unfortunately, when I reached the crows nest I was sent hurriedly into the ghost world by a rifle shot.

My Sea of Thieves adventure was thrilling, exciting and challenging, full of laughter, good cheer and drinking. I am thoroughly excited for the full release of this game in March and cannot wait to share more stories of the high seas.

What has been your best Sea of Thieves moment so far? What stories have you began to carve out?


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