Indie Games The Devil's Eight

The Heretic And His Machine Are Getting Ready To Join The Circles Of Hell In The Devil’s Eight

In case you are unfamiliar, The Devil’s Eight is an up and coming indie game being developed by Second Step Studios in which you must battle through the circles of hell, fighting powerful bosses. The best part? It is all music-driven, from the way the environment reacts to the way the boss moves and attacks. It truly creates an amazing atmosphere and fast, reactive gameplay.

Second Step has revealed the first two circles of Hell and the first two Overseers we will have to face, being Limbo followed by Lust. We descend ever deeper into the dark with the Heretic and The Machine residing in the sixth circle. Being a giant, world-ending war mech, the Machine is not to be trifled with, created by the Heretic and powered by a sea of blood.

The particular thematic world of Heresy is a sinister combination of reds and black, as giant pistons pump blood into the Machine. It does this so the Machine can summon flying mini-turrets that lay down hails of fire down on the player, or even utilise coordinated missile strikes to wipe the player from the face of hell. It is, after all, heresy to go after the Heretic.

Rusted Blades Of The Machine.jpg

If the missiles and minions don’t do the trick, the Machine can always get a little more physical and simply drag its rusted blades across the circle and try to send you into oblivion. Seeing as how you must traverse the metal heart of Heresy, that may be your best bet to stop it.

The boss battles in The Devil’s Eight follow a natural course, with the gameplay getting more frantic and the atmosphere more intense. In the battle with Lust, the particular Overseer undergoes changes, from the pink Lust Overseer to the blue. Thematically this makes perfect sense, as the most powerful form of lust involves two people.

In your fight with the Machine, as you continue to deflect his attacks and strip away the rusted metal carcass, I imagine we will discover the Heretic who will add something truly special to the fight and come with his own set of powerful, hellish attacks.

I cannot wait to see what the other circles of hell have to offer in The Devil’s Eight. I am quite intrigued to see what Wrath and Violence will bring to the table design-wise. Stay tuned for more info.

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