Destiny 2

Crimson Days Is Coming Back To Destiny 2 With Changes To Eververse

Eververse has been quite the hot topic surrounding Destiny 2 and has contributed to a lot of negative feelings about the game, and those feelings are entirely warranted. Eververse has seen to take over much of the content in the game, from limited time event armour pieces to weapon ornaments, ships, sparrows and Ghosts. Especially coupled with the sneaky XP reduction Bungie undertook to increase the time spent grinding in Public Events, Eververse has become a symbol for paywall locked content.

Changes are coming to how Eververse functions with the returning Crimson Days Valentines event. For those of the uninitiated, Crimson Days is a day of celebrating love and partnership with new quests, new cosmetic items and a 2v2 Crucible mode, known as Crimson Clash.

It definitely pays to stick together as your abilities will charge at a faster rate when you remain in close proximity to your partner, but if you stray your enemies will get a waypoint leading them straight to you. STAY TOGETHER!

The gear you can earn during the Crimson Days event will be exclusive to Eververse but will be earnable through gaining a Crimson Engram (alongside your Illuminated Engram) each time you level up. This is assuming you have reached the Destiny 2 level cap, both with and without DLC. No Crimson Engrams will be available for purchase with Silver Dust (aka real money) but you will be able to purchase individual pieces of Crimson Days gear for Bright Dust. On top of this, all gear you gain from opening a Crimson Engram will be subject to the knock-out mechanic preventing you from scoring duplicates unless you have collected all the items.

Just by completing certain milestones in-game during Crimson Days you can earn your Guardians some pretty sweet cosmetics exclusive to world activities and not found through Eververse.

Tirastrella Ghost Shell.png

  • The Tirastrella Ghost Shell and Fire of the Crimson Days Emblem can be earned through completing the “Welcome to the Crimson Days” milestone by finishing five Crimson Days matches.

Dieselpunk Exotic Ornament

  • The Dieselpunk Exotic Ornament for the Wardcliff Coil can be found in the final chest after completing the Leviathan Raid or Eater of Worlds Raid lair.

Undeterred Exotic Sparrow

  • Complete matches in the Crimson Days Crucible playlist to earn the Undeterred Exotic Sparrow.

Flaunting Exotic Emote

  • Finally (my favourite), if you complete a Nightfall Strike during Crimson Days, you will be gifted with the Flaunting Dance Emote which is (very appropriately) the Single Ladies dance. Love it.

Crimson Days will run from Tuesday the 13th of February to the 20th of February. With all the negativity surrounding Destiny 2 and Eververse in particular, opening up all of these rewards is a positive step in the right direction. Happy Crimson Days.

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