A Dark Sector Rework, Frame Drop Changes, Corpus Spiders And Grineer Thumpers Coming To Warframe

The Shrine of Eidolon update arrived a few days ago, bringing with it two powerful new Eidolon to haunt the Plains, the Gantulyst and the Hydrolyst, presenting devastating new attacks and a new challenge for players to conquer. Since then, the team at Digital Extremes have announced what we have to look forward to, in Devstream 106.

The most important bit of news announced was that Dark Sectors are getting a bit of a rework, to breathe some life into them and ironically show them the light. Dark Sectors, for those unfamiliar, are special endless missions that provide bonuses to resource gain, experience and usually dish out a significant number of credits.

With the new system, Dark Sectors have entered a new stage of competition with squads essentially competing for rewards and the fastest time. Dark Sectors have multiple layers (or dimensions) which players can access by activating four separate beacons per dimension. Activating four beacons opens a portal, which you have twenty seconds to enter into before it closes. With each successive sector you enter into, the enemies get progressively more difficult which means coordinated squads will have a definite advantage. From the beginning of a Dark Sector to the end you will be given a total of twenty minutes to get as far as possible through the sector, and if you score high enough, your placement will be added to a leaderboard. This provides a fair few clans to participate and reap the ultimate rewards of Dark Sectors as opposed to just one.

Green Corpus Spider ProxyBlue Corpus Spider Proxy

Always the innovators the Corpus are hard at work once again bringing forth Corpus Spider Proxies which have at the very least four variants and which could quite possibly operate similarly to the Hyena Pack.

The Corpus Spider Proxies will be a new set of bosses for the next Warframe zone that we are still awaiting info on. Rest easy Cetus for these will not make an appearance on the Plains of Eidolon.


Grineer Thumper Bot

Speaking of the Plains, Devstream 106 revealed a brand new Grineer boss that is here to make an impact…literally. Apparently, it is huge and can squish unsuspecting Frames. The Thumper Bot will be arriving on the Plains soon but shouldn’t be too much a problem with our brand new Dargyns.

We were also gifted with some animations of the new Eidolon currently being developed for release onto the Plains. This one appears strikingly similar to a Dug from Star Wars (Sebulba) with the way it lumbers around. I imagine that those claws are going to give players a hell of a challenge on the Plains of Eidolon.


One of the smaller but no less significant changes is in relation to the bosses and the Warframe parts that they drop;

  • Excalibur from Pluto to Mars: Lieutenant Lech Kril now drops Excalibur parts.
  • Frost from Mars to Ceres: Lech Kril/Captain Vor now drop Frost parts.
  • Trinity from Ceres to Pluto: Ambulas now drops Trinity parts.

I am super excited about the Excalibur change because I chose Volt initially and have been unable to get Excal until this moment.

What new feature are you the most excited about and what do you think of the new Corpus Spider Proxies?

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