The Need To Know About Anthem

I know there are probably heaps of other articles out there like this but this is the only one you’ll need. Now I want to be clear from the start, there is not a lot of concrete info about this relatively undetailed game as yet but let’s scope through what we do know.

Anthem Has Been Delayed

Anthem Javelin

Alas, the game many players have been hyped about has been delayed to early 2019, moved from the previous release window of late 2018. A delay can only be positive for Anthem with BioWare getting more time to flesh out the story and the world which will result in a more developed and ‘complete’ gaming experience.

The official word is that EA does not want to release a new Battlefield and Anthem during the same quarter, a blunder that affected sales of the wonderful Titanfall 2. It may also be the cynic in me but seeing as how EA has definite plans to add microtransactions back into Star Wars Battlefront 2, the delayed release date could also be a strategy to figure out how to potentially add microtransactions into the game (hopefully not).

Anthem Will Be Bigger Than Destiny

Ranger and Colossus

In a world sense, Anthem will apparently have a larger explorable area, that will not only be large but also abundant with secrets and enemies to face. The Technical Design Director Brenon Holmes revealed, over Reddit, that the size of Anthem will be not only larger but have more explorable areas (implied).

“We’re taking a different approach (we have different tech), so our areas are a fair bit larger. But there will likely be some loads between some of the areas”.

The loads don’t particularly bother me as much as long as the apparently larger world size is full of uncoverable secrets and explorable zones, things that make the environment feel alive and fleshed out. The areas/zones in Destiny, while appearing visually stunning are quite empty and hollow in many respects so hopefully Anthem can avoid that. My imagination runs wild with thoughts of gigantic beasts charging out of the forest when we wander too far into an unexplored zone and we have to fight for our lives or even uncovering old remnants of civilisation outside the walls which triggers lore or a new quest.

Anthem May Have An Open API

Jarra's Wrath.jpg

Forget going to an in-game vault to sort out your gear for a mission, Brenon Holmes, once again taking to Reddit in response to a user question, stated that the Canadian studio is quite interested in the idea of an open API, similar to that available in Destiny and Riot.

“Yep, we’re really interested in the idea. Personally, I’ve played around a lot with Riot’s API and I’ve also really been impressed by what the community has done with Destiny’s API…I’d love to see what you folks could do if we had one as well”

So it seems Anthem will have a vault system for all of our gear and weaponry that we inevitably will collect as we play but there is a strong possibility that an open API will be implemented meaning that we can customise our loadouts and Javelins mid-mission.

Flight Exploration

Anthem Javelin Flight.png

Seeming as how Anthem will apparently have a bigger world space than Destiny, we will have a lot to explore, a fair bit of which will most likely only be accessible through the Javelin’s flight capabilities.  Brenon Holmes (if you haven’t caught onto the pattern yet you never will) once again in response to a Reddit question has stated that Anthem will have a lot of freedom in relation to its exploration mechanics.

“We really want you to experience a sense of freedom with our exploration mechanics…personally I am not really a big exploration guy – but I do find myself just noodling around and checking out different areas because I can”.

With the fact that a Javelin can deep dive under the surface of the water, fly throughout the air and even delve into the mysterious Shaper Storms, there is undoubtedly a lot to discover and it is a positive step that exploration won’t be controlled in a ‘we want you to go here and look at this sense’. It will feel a lot more organic. Although you won’t be able to go too crazy with a “heavy down draught” flight ceiling mechanic being developed to stop you going out of bounds.

Progression Trees For Different Skills

Anthem Beast

Evidently, alongside different weapons to equip and Javelins to master, there will also be some kind of progression system for the different combat and exploration skills present in Anthem.

In the same response when talking about flight exploration, Holmes also mentioned briefly that there will be some form of progression and skill expression in relation to flying;

There will be some amount of progression and skill expression with flying, which will affect how far you go and what you can do in the air”.

Obviously, a master Freelancer will have a different set of skills, or more developed skills when compared to a newbie so this apparent progression makes a lot of sense. We already know that the weapons in Anthem will be levelled and it isn’t a stretch to imagine that Javelins will also get a level system. Maybe we will see skill points that can be placed into skill trees affecting flight duration, flight height and tricky aerial manoeuvres.

Anthem has already generated quite the hype and excitement even with the limited footage that was released at E3. We know very little at this time but undoubtedly throughout 2018, possibly beginning with the next E3, we will learn a lot more concrete details about this wonderful new IP.


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