Sea Of Thieves

The Sea Of Thieves End Game Makes The Pirate World More Effervescent And Alive

It is absolutely no secret that I love and adore Sea of Thieves. In fact, one of my dreams from when I was a little kid was to be a pirate, the second choice was a dinosaur if you are wondering. Sea of Thieves ticks all the boxes when it comes to an amazing pirate experience, full of wonderous mysteries to uncover, treasure to cash in, riddles to solve and Krakens to face. Like every game, however, it needs an endgame, something that players can achieve with enough time and enough effort put into the game.

Order of Souls Close Up

The truly great thing about the endgame in Sea of Thieves is that you can get there simply be playing the game, you could basically enter the endgame stage without even trying. The way it works is that you require a certain (high) level of reputation with each of the three Trading Companies, the Gold Hoarders, Order of Souls and Merchant Alliance.

Each of these Trading Companies has their own unique rewards, promotions and titles to acquire as an added incentive. When you reach the required rep you bump into a mysterious group of NPCs which send you off on a quest, that ultimately ends with you becoming a pirate lord. It will take a lot of work and dedication but it is so simple to stride into the endgame of Sea of Thieves.

With your newfound status as a pirate legend, you gain access to a special pirate hideout, only enterable if you have the key. This is not a completely new world or another area outside the Sea of Thieves, simply a hidden pirate nexus. Within this hideout is the Tavern of Legends, built into the remains of an ancient and apparently practical shipwreck. Here you will find pirate ghosts drinking and whispering to each other, you can even overhear potential new game additions or special events coming to Sea of Thieves. This has to be one of the best ways to deliver news to the player base as it makes the world feel more vibrant, alive and piratey, with changes to the game very much on the horizon, carried on the whispers of the wind.


Then there are the Legendary Voyages. Voyages in Sea of Thieves are special quests and missions that you can purchase from the variety of Trading Companies that have set up shop. As your rank increases so too does the price, difficulty and rewards of the Voyages you purchase. So, why shouldn’t there be an extra special set of Voyages for the best pirates of all? Within this secret pirate hideout is the Captain’s Cabin, home to our very own Pirate Lord offering these Voyages to every single pirate who earns the title of Pirate Legend.

What I like the most about this, however, is the fact that a Pirate Legend, whoever they may be, can join a random crew and slam down their Legendary Voyage on the table to be voted on. The rewards and challenges of the Legendary Voyage can be shared with players who haven’t reached those lofty heights. These Legendary Voyages, according to Design Director Mike Chapman, are the closest thing to public events or raid content. These are the Voyages where you will be able to take on the Kraken.

Jack Sparrow and Crew

The same can be said for entering into the pirate hideout. Every pirate who gets the required reputation and completes the quest will be granted a key to enter into the hideout, and so a Legendary pirate can bring his not-so-legendary crew in with him/her to look around and bask in the glory but they will not be able to enter on their own.

Rare has crafted an endgame in Sea of Thieves that is tangible and can be experienced by newer players but still remains a reward of a privileged few pirates who have managed to reach the top. It is an almost seamless transition that you can see the effects of throughout the world.

Sea of Thieves Cool Ships

Rare intends to add a rather significant update after the March launch, where players will be able to reach the status of Legendary Captain. With Sea of Thieves, you will not really get much freedom of expression when it comes to customising your ship initially. You will simply get to choose between a one/two pirate sloop or a four-player galleon. Once the status of Legendary Captain is attained, your ship becomes a statement to your legend.

“And when I get there, I’ve got something that means something tangible in the Sea of Thieves world. But then beyond launch, when we add that update, now you’re going to create your Black Pearl, your Legendary ship.” 

Flying Dutchman.jpg

You will be able to customise it as you wish, make it an extension of your own personality or your pirate’s personality. It will be a permanent fixture, alongside your title and unlockable legendary outfits, of your status in the Sea of Thieves. It is very much like modding your car and driving down a crowded street, people will stare with amazement. This fact alone makes becoming a Pirate Legend worth doing, along with being able to call the pirate hideout home and bursting out of the waterfall into the world with all the dramaticism on the sea.

This is an endgame I truly love, not a simple set of armour you get for completing or piggybacking a hard challenge, or a weapon you got lucky enough to have drop, but a meaningful set of rewards and activities that resonate with all other parts of the game. You may see a ship on the horizon that looks imposing and dangerous, or eclectic and colourful and you can almost see the legends that each and every Legendary Captain has carved out even if you are just beginning your journey.

The endgame of Sea of Thieves doesn’t provide any massive advantages or bonuses to a veteran pirate over a newer one and doesn’t make inexperience a handicap, instead, it brings more vibrancy to the world and a visible goal to strive towards.


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