Destructible Environments And Points Of Interest Coming To Dauntless’ Islands

Being a monster hunter game, the core of Dauntless are the myriad Behemoths bellowing their challenges to all Slayers who wish to take them on and of course all the exotic loot you can create from their slain bodies. Phoenix Labs have been listening to player feedback and have taken steps to add a bit more life and depth to the islands the Behemoths inhabit.

Dauntless Slayers.jpg

Destructible environments are coming to Dauntless in the near future not only making the world seem real and tangible like a tree is going to come crashing down on your head at any moment but giving the Behemoths a bit more shock value. Currently, Slayers can retreat into a forested region and be relatively safe from a Behemoth’s charge, as the trees acted like insurmountable barricades. Slayers can beat a hasty retreat and regain their health, their bearings and basically prepare once again for a clash.

When destructible environments come to Dauntless Slayers will have to remain on their toes to a higher degree, as that Embermane you are seeking refuge from will be able to carve a swathe out of any forest you try to hide in.

Dauntless Airship.jpg

The destructible environments are only one way Phoenix Labs are trying to make the Islands more exciting and explorable, with new and unique points of interest also being added. When you come across a downed Slayer airship or abandoned and obliterated villages, not only will you discover special items and gatherables such as potions but you will also discover notes and possible clues as to what has destroyed the village. Most likely this will tie in quite well with what Behemoths are lurking around the island.

On top of all this, new crafting materials and other gatherables are being explored as a potential addition, like groves of special mushrooms that, “stand out in the night sky with a blooming, eerie glow”.


New points of interest, potential new consumables and destructible environments are all on the horizon Slayers and what a great horizon it is. When you are hunting Behemoths that by their very appearance look like they can shake the world apart, it is nice to be able to see their effects on the world around them.

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