Paladins: Champions of the Realm

New Cosmetics And Battlegrounds Mode Coming With Paladins OB66

It has been quite a long time since the last patch was released for Paladins but with the imminent arrival of Paladins Battlegrounds and the numerous bug fixes that will be added when OB66 goes live, I say it was worth waiting for.

Reaver Victor

There are three new skins arriving in OB66, with Reaver Viktor being quite the badass reskin of the V1-KTOR skin, with an awesome new green paint job with all the neon fixings. Reaver does not get a new voice pack instead it comes equipped with the V1-KTOR voice but have no fear it matches perfectly with the new colours. Reaver can be found in the Gold Chest, just waiting for the lucky person to have the right RNG.

Infiltrator Strix

Strix breaks ground with his first Epic skin and it is truly a masterpiece. I do not particularly like Strix but I want to start playing the Ghost Feather now.

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Infiltrator Strix comes with an incredibly badass new voice as well as glowing orange effects for the scope and barrel of the Talon Rifle, Pistol and his stealth. One can only assume that the new Flashbang has a more tech feel to it.

Infiltrator can only be purchased as part of a special bundle known as the Infiltrator Strix Bundle. Coming with a hefty cost of 600 Crystals or 95,000 VIP Points, the Infiltrator Bundle grants you the Infiltrator Epic skin, 20 Champion Chests and 10 Legendary Champion Chests (I will touch on those in a moment).

Jotunn Terminus

With a deadly scowl frozen permanently on his face, Jotunn is Terminus’ first ever epic skin and it is incredibly detailed and simply gorgeous, but the real treasure of this skin is the axe!

Jotunn Axe InspectJotunn Axe Inspect 2

With the protruding crystals, ice textures and frost emanating from the blade it is a masterpiece and well worth the 500 Crystals or 80,000 VIP Points it will cost to own it. As you may have guessed Jotunn Terminus comes within the Jotunn Terminus Bundle along with 10 Champion Chests and five Legendary Champion Chests.

Finally, the VIP rotation for patch OB66 will be Plushy Makoa so if you do not have that amazing front line skin now is your chance. Kinessa will also be getting a new default base weapon design in OB66 with the OG gun being available for one Gold.


Rekt Chest

An old Paladins favourite is making its triumphant return. The Rekt Chest is coming back next patch and undoubtedly like the previous times it has been here, will not remain so for long. The chest will also be getting the addition of the Rekt Stingers for Lex as well as the full DZ-03 Draco Skin for Drogoz.

Legendary Champion Chests are a new addition to Paladins which guarantees a Legendary Card for a specific champion. It seems likely that this chest will be unlockable with Crystals and if that is the case, it is quite worrying. Hopefully, it will simply be a Gold price.

There is also a massive suite of UI changes, bug fixes and other quality of life improvements that will definitely make the game feel and look more polished. There are too many to mention so I recommend checking out the OB66 megathread on Reddit.

Paladins Battlegrounds

Paladins Battlegrounds

The biggest part of the patch and a mode which players have been incredibly excited for, due to it being the first hero shooter battle royale mode. I will admit though, Hi-Rez was a little on-the-nose by calling it Battlegrounds but that doesn’t diminish the excitement.

Paladins Battleground is a new mode that sees 100 Champions fly into a custom built map via zeppelin to fight it out until there is only one left standing. There are villages and small fortified areas to discover and hold, unique points of interest and wonderfully constructed landmarks to uncover and battle around.

The class system is still very much in play for Battlegrounds with it still being important to have a front line or a support, but it is not the be all end all. Especially when you consider that only two Champions per class (for a total of eight) will actually be available every match. This is to add to the variety, randomness and counterability of the games and the Champions themselves. You have to look at the roster of potential Champs and make a calculated decision that could very well determine if you win or lose.

The card system comes into play with discoverable and lootable chests that will gift the items you will need in battle, things such as Cauterize and Chronos etc. You make decisions on what you need by pinging the map which will reveal the different classes that still remain in the game. These can also be found at Card Shrines scattered throughout the massive map at points of interest.

Battlegrounds offers a kill mechanic which provides bonuses to health and damage based on your killstreak and how many slays you are scoring. This is to encourage open rights rather than camping, but on top of that, the Survival mode Fog mechanic has also been added to shrink the map progressively. Think the stinging fog we saw in the Hunger Games. As the match progresses this fog will move in which will ultimately blind, damage and kill any Champion caught in it. This forces Champions to move closer to the centre and drawn into desperate and pitched fights in order to survive.

Paladins Chickens

In terms of deaths, you actually do not die initially but instead turn into a chicken, much like with Pip’s Polymorph. You are able to be revived by teammates during the game while you are in chicken form or you can self-revive by staying out of battle/don’t get hit for a certain period of time. I assume once you are killed as a chicken you are down and out. Turning into a chicken will also remove any killstreak buff you may have had.

That is basically it for OB66 content drops for Paladins. Battlegrounds is obviously the biggest announcement and it accompanied by all the bug fixes definitely explains the lack of new skins. OB66 will supposedly arrive for PC players tomorrow, while console players do not have a set date yet but if past patches are any indication, it will be next week.

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