Let’s Talk About Corpus Spiders

Corpus Spiders are the latest terrifying creation of Warframe for which more details were revealed in the last few Devstreams. While there is not a lot of information currently out there about these Corpus-built robotic arachnids, they are quite intriguing and pose a formidable shadow over the Tenno.


It all began with an idea by some madman or madwoman over at Digital Extremes, followed shortly by wonderful concept art on Imgur, that has now spread to the scary virtual reality of walking, shooting, leaping robot spiders.

Corpus Spiders

I am expecting the Corpus Spiders to operate in a similar function to the Ghouls of the Plains of Eidolon or quite possibly like the Hyena Pack, where they work together to bring down their prey, which just happens to be you.

Each appears to be equipped with their own set of weaponry and armament to blow you away as well as special abilities to hinder your own assault. The tiny little spider which happens to leap at you in a dramatic fashion happens to have blades for legs. These blades allow it to turn into a mini-saw frisbee capable of dealing damage and making them incredibly annoying to target. Would that be considered a game of Ultimate, Ultimate Frisbee?

Bigger Corpus Spider

On the other hand, the lumbering white-headed specimen above happens to shoot goo, presumably to slow you down or stop you completely. A fun little fact is that it holds a weapon much like every action movie hero spraying and praying their enemies away. It is spectacular.

The fun doesn’t stop there with the above yellow Corpus Spider variant which aside from being able to deal intense amounts of explosive damage can also turn invisible. It can completely disappear from sight, apart from a slight shimmer in the air and will remain invisible until you deal, “a significant amount of damage to them”, according to the Devstream 108 overview.

Gigantic Corpus Spider

All of these spidery creatures pale in comparison to this behemoth of a robot, which towers above a lone Tenno and will most likely be the equivalent of an Eidolon delivering lethal area of effect attacks while it slowly moves along the battlefield.

Hopefully, the Corpus Spiders are added into Warframe very soon so we can all get a chance to face off and triumph against this Corpus creation.


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