Paladins: Champions of the Realm

Enter The Restored Realm With Paladins OB67

There is not a lot of cosmetic content coming to Paladins with OB67 but with the huge amount of positive changes that are on the way it has truly become a Realm Restored.

It is no secret that Cards Unbound is leaving the Realm amid cheers and parties, replaced with a new-but-old 15 point system. As the new card system is implemented veteran players will be gifted with 625 gold and 40 VIP points per duplicate card you have managed to accumulate.

This doesn’t mean that you should start opening all your Radiant Chests as it along with the Champion Chest and the very short-lived Legendary Chest are being removed from the game. Any outstanding Radiant Chests you have held onto will net you a 2500 gold refund while Champion Chests will provide 7500 gold or 11,160 VIP points depending on how you earned them.

Talent Levels

Continuing with how the new card system functions, Legendary Cards will now be known as Talents and can be earned through regular gameplay. At levels zero, 2, 8 and 12, players will receive a new Talent for that specific character. The default Talent was selected by Hi-Rez to be the card that is new player friendly, something that will allow them to learn a character and succeed, while the following cards just encourage playstyles. Oh, and one more thing, all veteran players will get every single Talent unlocked from the get-go, no matter what level a Champ is.

It is going to be possible to utilise gold (of which you will have plenty) to increase your Champion’s mastery level at a rate of 1,000 gold for 20,000 exp. The catch is you must have the full gold amount to raise your level.

Paladins Experience Required

You shouldn’t have the problem of levelling up though, as Hi-Rez have finally reduced the amount of experience needed per level, with it only requiring 4.2 million experience to reach level 20 from zero, whereas previously it was four million just to get from 19 to 20. Champion levels have become uncapped exactly like Account levels which have allowed Champion Titles to be moved to level 30 with 9.3 million total experience required (still a lot less than before).

Account Level is also getting more rewarding with a 2500 gold payout every level you gain. It is not known quite yet if this will retroactively provide reward chests based on your level but it would make a whole lot of sense if that was the case.

Daily Quests

Quests have seen a reduction of the required objectives to make it easier to complete them, along with getting additional rewards. Similarly, the Radiant Chest rewards for the daily login has been replaced with a 25 Crystal reward every 7, 14, 21 and 28 days. That is 100 free Crystals a month, not counting Quest-specific rewards.

With the removal of Cards Unbound, Paladins players will also be seeing a return to the simple queues which should reduce queue times as a result. Instead of Unbound Siege, Classic, Arcade all clamouring for attention, when you hit play you will simply be offered a choice of Siege, Competitive Siege, Arcade and so on.

Twitch Bomb King Primal Prowler

The removal of Radiant Chests will also be affecting the amazing Twitch Prime pack, which offers five of the chests alongside the Primal Prowler mount and the Twitch Prime Bomb King skin. Those Radiant Chests are now being replaced with five of the more valuable Gold Chests. Players who have already unlocked this limited pack will be refunded the gold price of the Radiant Chests and gifted with the Gold Chests.

Realm Pack

The Realm Pack and the VIP pack will also be disappearing from Paladins when OB67 goes live, so if you want to get your hands on the icy Frostmare Mount or Conqueror Zhin, you better get in quick.

Finally, we come to the cosmetic side of things, which will be quite brief. A lot of Patch OB67 is dedicated to restoring the old way of life and making Paladins more rewarding for the players.

Pip Arctic Skin

Anyways, Pip is getting a new Epic skin known as Arctic, which turns our furry alchemist into a snowboarding menace. Arctic Pip does not come with a new voice pack but it does pack a series of awesome new special effects on the weapon.

Simpsons Stupid Sexy Flanders.jpg

If it doesn’t look familiar, it really should I mean it really looks like he is wearing nothing at all. Well, except those cool goggles.

That is the only new skin coming in OB67 alongside two skins entering the VIP store, Clockwork Torvald and Steampunk Androxus, which many players are going to want to get their hands on.

However, the Jotunn Terminus and Infiltrator Strix will be removed from their respective bundles and placed within the Gold Chest alongside Arctic Pip. Anyone who has purchased the bundle will be refunded the price minus 300 Crystals, which is the price of the individual Epic skins.

It was also revealed that OB68 and OB69 will be meaty patches bringing hefty amounts of awesome content and fun events to the Realm. Hi-Rez Martini seemed to highlight the word ‘giant’ which might be a reference to the new front line Khan, who should be arriving quite soon. Season two of Paladins competitive will begin, presumably bringing new rewards to the table as well as setting the clock to zero on the ranks.

A new Asiatic event will begin, bringing with it a series of new quests to be completed throughout the event, as well as amazing new themed and unthemed content. There will also be a new map, which was released in China a while ago. It will be retouched and made to look a little better but it is said to be set in a place of meditation atop a mountain summit.

PC players are currently enjoying the OB66 with no indication of when consoles will also get to jump into it. Hopefully, with OB67 on the horizon, it will be quite soon. Like now. Please?


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