Changes To Behemoth Behaviour Are Coming To Make Dauntless’ Battles More Unpredictable

The Behemoths in Dauntless are not simple creatures that are only a threat due to their size and deadly accoutrement, they are powerful beasts equipped with cunning and a primal intelligence. Think Crocodiles. The upcoming update for Dauntless serves to remove some of the predictability with Behemoth attack patterns.

Apparently, Slayers who continued to fight the Shrike and other Behemoths besides that began to notice predictable attack patterns, which made the fight methodical and a little boring. With the coming update, the Shrike will respond to the fight itself, and attack in such a way that Slayers will need to think on their feet and alter their combat style on the fly. This also folds into the Behemoth’s Enraged or Aether-Charged states which from the get-go should have put Slayers on the back foot but instead shows a minimal change in behaviour. Not anymore.


Changes to the Quillshot and the Embermane will be arriving in the near future, so enjoy the ease of those fights while you can.

While on the topic of Behemoths, the team over at Phoenix Labs is examing how breaking Behemoth parts actually changes the fight. Currently, breaking, for example, a horn off a particular Behemoth will net you some additional loot when the battle is over. What if the fight evolved and altered depending on what parts were broken off? That is what Phoenix Labs are exploring at the current time, for example, snapping off an Embermane’s horn will change the pattern of its Blaze elemental attacks or the removal of its tail shows a rise in deadlier hind-leg kicks.

Even dismembering a Behemoth won’t stop its fury and unless you have lightning reflexes, you are going to get hit your fair share of times. You better get acquainted with the reworked Bleed effect known as Wounded. Wounded is a timed effect which will cause you to take more damage if you are hit. You will also lose a massive chunk of health if your stamina bar drops to zero while Wounded. Don’t despair though as you can remove the Wounded debuff through any healing effect or by standing still for a short while. You just have to make the choice of whether to push on with the fight or run away to return stronger.

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