A Powerful New Monster Is Coming To Monster Hunter World As Part Of Free Spring Content

It is no real secret that Monster Hunter World will be supported by plenty of post-launch content releasing new monsters into the New World for novice and veteran hunters alike to track down and carve up.

Known as the Deviljho, this new beast is a bipedal Brute Wyvern that was introduced in Monster Hunter 3 but brought into the future due to its popularity with fans of the franchise. There is no solid release date for the Deviljho aside from the vague three-month window of Spring (Autumn if you are Aussie) but it is safe to assume that it won’t be too far off.

But what abilities does the Deviljho bring to the monster hunting table? Since the Deviljho is a bipedal Wyvern it has incredibly powerful hind legs which are capable of moving the beast at a rapid speed as well as to leap towards prey. That’s you. The leap will probably be a devastating attack capable of crippling any hunter. The Deviljho also comes with phenomenal jaw strength and razor-sharp teeth which it uses to crush and decimate its foes. This new beast also has a ranged ability which sees it fire out a Dragon Elementally charged clouded emission, capable of injuring hunters and other monsters alike.

Deviljho Eating Great Jagras

Speaking of other monsters, the Deviljho is not really a friendly, cooperative member of the New World being quite the super-predator capable of taking over the territories of other lesser monsters. Over the course of the fight, the Deviljho may retreat, much like the other beasts in Monster Hunter World to replenish some of its energy and health. To save time the Deviljho may occasionally consume other monsters, like the above Great Jagras, alive in a primal cannibalism.

There is definitely a new alpha in town and the Deviljho will undoubtedly provide a significant challenge made all the better due to it being part of a free Spring update. However, never forget the important thing, that the Deviljho is exactly what Pickle Rick would look like if he was a Dinosaur.

Pickle Rick.jpg


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