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Destiny 2’s Gods Of Mars Expansion Has Me Cautiously Optimistic

It is no secret that myself and many other Destiny players, veteran and new alike, were a little disappointed with the Curse of Osiris expansion especially since it featured very little Osiris. When players have been tantalised by a legendary Warlock who left the city to study and battle the Vex, you shouldn’t place the title character as a glorified quest-giver who is quite lacklustre.

Iron Banner Season 2.png

Over the last few months, Bungie has been taking player’s advice on board and making marked steps to improve the game we all love. The latest updates to the game have seen the increase of Crucible teams to six Guardians per side in the Iron Banner as well as adding Nightfall scoring, dedicated activities to gain unique Emblems, Armour Ornaments and Masterworks Armour. These are small changes to the game but they are quite a testament to how Bungie is listening to the criticism and the backlash to parts of the sequel.

The coming update, titled 1.1.4, is introducing much-needed sandbox changes to PVE and PVP including changes that will alter the time-to-kill and team shooting in the Crucible. Removing minimaps in Competitive, reducing respawn times and buffing the performance of all weapon types are just a few of the things arriving in Destiny 2 in the near future.


That brings me to the upcoming Gods of Mars expansion that once again brings old characters into the forefront of Destiny 2, namely Rasputin the Warmind of Earth, Mars and by this point the entire Solar System, as well as Ana Bray. Now while it is entirely likely that this next expansion will fall just as flat as Curse of Osiris, offering great locations and awesome visuals, alongside a boring story, I am starting to think that there is a chance it may make the franchise truly wonderful again.

A new faction known as the Remnants will make an appearance, the first new enemy type that we will see in Destiny 2, not counting the different variants of Vex and the emerging Fallen House of Dusk. These Remnants will presumably be controlled by the new evil honcho, Charlemagne, who has imprisoned Rasputin while attempting to uncover the secrets of Clovis Bray. It sounds like an intriguing storyline, but with the exception of The Taken King, Bungie hasn’t really hit Destiny’s story out of the park and while I am curious and hopeful, I also remember each disappointment of the sequel, most recently being the horrendous storytelling in the first expansion.


When Destiny 2 released it also came with the announcement of the first two DLC expansions, though at that point we knew very little about them. It kind of seemed like they had the expansions mostly prepared before the release of the full game which is not exactly the best policy. Now, with the ongoing feedback from players who want Destiny 2 to morph into the addicting drug-like escape that the first one was and the small, at times significant changes that Bungie has made, the future seems promising.

Hopefully, the story will be an engaging, exciting triumph, Rasputin and Bray won’t be empty mouthpieces but instead, active participants and memorable figures and the weapons will not be basic, boring reskins…oh and limited use of EverVerse. These are all changes that can still be made, ahead of the May release date of Gods of Mars. It is highly unlikely that this DLC will be a shot of adrenaline for the tired and defeated player base, weighed down by a game they want to enjoy but cannot find a reason to play but it could be a step in the right direction. Hopefully, they can build another bridge to try and revive the enthusiasm faster than they have been burning them.

This article, kind of a desperate shout into an empty, word-filled void, is simply a plea and a logical one at that to make the next expansion one to write home about. I have limited understanding of game development and I understand it may be a challenge, but with how Bungie is behaving recently, I am cautiously optimistic and hopeful that Destiny 2 will morph into the game we want, need and deserve. Gods of Mars could be the first step.


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