Sea Of Thieves

Exploring The Fantasy Creatures Of Sea Of Thieves

Sea of Thieves blends mythological creatures and fantastical elements with the pirate life in the truest sense of the word. Sailing out to sea with the freedom to explore, discover and pilfer to your piratey heart’s content. While there will always be the everpresent danger and excitement from other players, powerful fantasy creatures await to assist you or hinder you at every turn.


Of course, you will already be familiar with the different brands of walking undead, rising from the ground trying to protect their treasure and send players on a premature visit to the Ghost Ship. These skellies aren’t stupid, capable of doing anything the player can from running away when they are hurt, eating bananas to recover their health and utilising a myriad of different weapons. Blunderbuss, Flintlocks, Cutlasses and really-bare knuckles will be wielded against you on your explorations.

There are also harder variants of the Skeletons known as Skeleton Captains, which are generally found as the final challenge of the Skeleton Forts. The Captains will have enhanced stats and a greater proficiency with weaponry to make defeating them something to be proud of. Powerful Skeletons can also be found at the behest of the Order of Souls, who require the skulls of formidable undead for their magic.

Golden And Shadow Skeletons

Gold Skeletons

Golden and Shadow variants of the archetypal skeleton will also be found throughout Sea of Thieves presenting their own unique appearances, strengths and gameplay mechanics. The Golden Skeleton, for example, is quite the slow enemy and particularly susceptible to water. You may be able to utilise your bucket to douse Goldy in water to seize an advantage.

Shadow Skeletons

Shadow Skeletons, on the other hand, have reached a whole new level of cursed, being their strongest when darkness reigns. The Shadow skellies are incredibly weak to light, especially that emanating from your lantern, and when exposed to it, begin to scream and are essentially vulnerable for a short time.

A third Skeleton type has also been teased but so far no information has risen from the dead as of yet. My guess is some form of waterborne Skeleton that can harass your ship out on the open ocean.



The ever-present Guardians of Sea of Thieves ready to lend a hand and drag your sunken ship up from the deep. I cannot imagine the Merfolk will simply be a tool to bring back your ship and desperately hope that their role or lore will be expanded when the game launches. Who knows, there could be a secret city of Merfolk we can visit in one of the planned live events post-launch.

Ferry Of The Damned

Ghost Ship Captain

The Captain of the Ferry of the Damned, that ethereal pirate ship seemingly sailing into nothingness could very well provide some much wanted/needed lore, possible quest-giver or loot-provider. He makes an appearance in the Everything You Need To Know video for Sea of Thieves at the 7:49 mark, right when they are discussing possible live events that will expand the lore of the world.

Sea Serpents

SOT Serpent

I mentioned the possibility of Sea Serpents in a previous article when a similar skeletal serpent photo popped up in another one of Rare’s videos. Well, it seems like it is back in the Everything You Need To Know vid, under the designation, “fantastical beast of legend”. Since the world of Sea of Thieves is heavily lore based, allowing you to uncover the stories of those pirates who came before, it wouldn’t be too hard a stretch to see the remains of these Sea Serpents as simple lore points.

However, hopefully due to the emergent possibilities and fantasy elements of Sea of Thieves, the Sea Serpents may become a reality, maybe in the form of a public event. Similar to the Kraken.

The Kraken


The Kraken has been teased since the very first images and videos of Sea of Thieves were released. We all knew it was coming, it is just know that we know so much more. The Kraken is a type of public event that can happen anytime, anywhere. You will have very little warning before it strikes and you cannot take it down alone. This is where teamwork and cooperation will come into play.

According to Sea of Thieves designer Mike Chapman;

The tentacles can attack multiple ships at the same time, wrap around the deck, pick you up and slam you against the hull, dunk you – and you get squid ink in your face as you slash at it.”

Facing the Kraken is going to be quite the challenge and while there is no word on what you get if you manage to vanquish this beastie, I imagine it will be quite the hefty reward. Similar to the Skeleton Fort chest which nets a significant amount of gold. There could possibly be a title or ship livery to add to your collection, showing off your legend and your ferocity.

Sea of Thieves is only four days away now and is going to be bringing several galleons worth of fantastical, pirate-filled adventures. As a lover of magic in all its forms, Sea of Thieves has got me incredibly hyped.

What do you think about the mythical creatures and beings you will come face to face with in Sea of Thieves? Are there any creatures you desperately want added to the game?

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