Paladins: Champions of the Realm

Latest Lore Trailer Shows Off New Frontline, Khan And Jenos, The Ascended

We have known for quite a while that Jenos, was an ordinary monk searching for meaning when he somehow ascended into the heavens learning the secrets of the universe and through that, incredible power.

The latest lore trailer shows the beginning of the struggle of Khan, Lian’s bodyguard, advisor and general of her army, as he attempts to recruit Jenos (forcefully) to the side of House Aico. We also get an insight into Buck’s backstory as he undertook a pilgrimage to the peak in order to seek guidance and got it. After many days and nights spent meditating he got what he sought in the form of a returned Jenos sharing his celestial knowledge.

The newest Frontline, which according to Hi-Rez Juju has the best animations out of the large roster of playable Champions will be arriving with OB69, in two patches time. On the other hand, it seems like Ascension Peak will become playable in OB68 as, well, a new Siege map, which may see players fighting to push a payload either up or down the mountain itself.

Paladins is stepping up its game over the last few months when it comes to lore and it is amazing seeing the backstory and motivations of each individual character become fleshed out. Coupled with the removal of the Cards Unbound system, Paladins is seizing its potential.

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