Sea Of Thieves

Sea Of Thieves’ Day One Patch Is Pun For The Whole Family Alongside Unique Founder Rewards

Sea of Thieves is a game heavily focused on player stories and adventures that does not take itself too seriously. The game transports you to a fantasy world full of magic, skeletons, treasure and other player pirates, complete with grog, music, dancing and the possibility of firing yourself out of a cannon.

While a lot of games include a Day One patch to solve any issues that may arise, Rare has decided to take it in a slightly groan-worthy but awesome direction. The Day One patch for Sea of Thieves is quite literally an eyepatch with a red number ‘1’ on it. This is an easy way to make your pirate stand out as one of the first to sail the Sea of Thieves. It will be available until March 28th for anyone that is picking it up later during the week.

Being away from my home at the moment, I am definitely sighing in relief because I absolutely want this punny addition to my pirate’s garb. You will simply have to visit the clothing merchant at any outpost before the deadline where it will be waiting for you, for free I might add.

Sea Of Thieves Cannon Record.jpg

This is from a developer who took part in a promotional man-fired-out-of-cannon event which broke a world record. Not to mention all the wacky achievements that have been immortalised in-game, like the most alcohol consumed.

Founder Sails

That is not all. For all pirates who played Sea of Thieves during the Technical Alpha, of which I am one, you will get an exclusive ‘Founder’ title to display in-game as well as a special Founder emblem to display on your sail. These are a couple ways to show off the fact that you were one of the first pirates to begin your pirate journey.

Like I said above, Sea of Thieves doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously which is wonderful for a game of this genre and atmosphere. I expect more fun-filled events, stories and awful puns will follow post-launch and into the bright sunrise that is Sea of Thieves.

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