Zephyr Prime Access, Endless Kuva And A 2D Fighting Mode Coming To Warframe

Following the amazing milestone of five years since Warframe was released, Devstream 108 shows that Digital Extremes has no intention of slowing down with a lot of entertaining and in some ways game-changing new content.

As many players would know Kuva can be one of the most annoying resources to farm since it only appears on the Kuva Fortress or through Cetus bounty rewards. In my experience, no one is ever playing the Kuva Fortress so my supply has all but stalled. Changes are coming to the way Tenno will be able to accumulate Kuva with Kuva Survival.

Endless Kuva

Taking place on the Survival node Taveuni within the Fortress, Endless Kuva will see a specialised enemy known as a Kuva Guardian drop a Kuva Catalyst. These Kuva Guardians will spawn once per life support tower and can take the form of an Eximus. Kill the Guardian and take the red filter they drop.

Once the filter is inserted you will have to defend it for one minute while enemies relentlessly attempt to destroy it. If you successfully defend your Harvester you will be awarded 200 Kuva and a little life support, however, if the tower is destroyed you will lose out on the Kuva and life support.  You will, of course, have to find alternate towers or rely on dropped modules to restore your life support but it will be a fun balancing act, not to mention a more reliable way to top up your Kuva supply.

Warframe Fighting Mode.png

Speaking of re-inventing game modes Devstream 108 showed off more footage of a new game type that will take the game back in time with an almost full 2D Warframe fighting mode. Hopefully coming into the main game in the future, the new Warframe fighting mode will feature basic combat moves reminiscent of Street Fighter-esque games and the assorted abilities of each Warframe.

Corpus Spider

More information has also been revealed for the coming Corpus Spiders, specialised and weaponised proxies with multiple forms and attack methods. The big yellow bugger (that’s a pun you see) is capable of rendering itself invisible minus a slight shimmer and will remain so until it absorbs a significant amount of damage. There is also a much smaller variant which is equipped with blade legs that it uses when it flies towards you like a self-propelled saw frisbee.


Moving on to Frame-specific updates, Khora, the upcoming bladed cat-lady is still having her abilities reworked after being decoupled from the updated IPS (Impact, Puncture, Slash) system. Originally, Khora would alter her physical form as well as the damage type of her abilities. Digital Extremes have stated that they have rough abilities laid out for her and we will be hearing about them soon.

Zephyr Prime

The next Prime Access will be arriving tomorrow featuring the deadly avian Frame, Zephyr. As with all Prime Warframes, Zephyr Prime will have additional mod polarities for a bit of extra customisation, a badass new design and the ability to gain Energy from the Death Orbs in the Void.

Tiberon Prime and Kronen Prime

Tiberon Prime and Kronen Prime will be arriving alongside Zephyr, all of which will be available through special Relics acquirable in-game.

Kavat Armour and Commodore Prime Suit

For those who purchase the Zephyr Prime Access, you will also be granted the Commodore Operator suit, Tibor Prime Armour and Tibor Prime Masking Kit for your Kavat.

Are there any Frames you are incredibly excited and/or anxious to see get Prime variants? For me it is Harrow. 

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