Elder Scrolls Online Is Taking A Trip Back To The Summerset Isles With Latest Expansion

Shortly after taking us to the Clockwork City, the realm of Sotha Sil, Elder Scrolls Online players will undertake a grand new adventure to the land of the High Elves: the Summerset Isles. In the next rendition of the Elder Scrolls titled Summerset, the borders of the isle have been opened for players to explore and fight through.


The main storyline that began in the vanilla game and continued throughout Clockwork City will be finalised in Summerset as we discover and battle against a great evil. Brought to you by Mephala, the Lady of Whispers, one of the more obscure and unknowable Daedric Princes. Mephala was present in Skyrim but only as a voice on the other side of a locked door, that once opened gives you access to the Ebony Blade. To truly activate the power of the blade, however, you have to kill someone who trusts you, so be prepared for some messed up and diabolical evil. On the plus side, it is a chance for players to learn a little more about this mysterious Daedra.

Aside from the intensely malevolent and probably murderous Daedric Prince that looms over the Summerset Isles, there is an incredible amount of dangers players must be prepared to face. Gryphons, crow-reapers, humanoid enemies and other assorted beasties, will ensure that the combat side of the Elder Scrolls Online gets its fair share of use.

This will be tested in spades through the upcoming 12-player Trial dungeon known as Cloudrest, as well as special PVE activities which include the Abyssal Geysers. It can only be assumed at this point that the Abyssal Geysers are dynamic events similar to the Dark Anchors from Molag Bal’s tenure as chief bad guy.

Psijic Order.png

Awesomely enough, in Summerset, players will be able to visit the island of Artaeum, home of the immensely powerful Psijic Order. When the Altmer began to settle in the Summerset Isles, their culture and way of life began to change and evolve. Older members of the race, the Psijics decided to use their ancient, mystical power to settle in Artaeum. The Psijics have been known to intervene in the affairs of Tamriel when the fate of the world is at stake like Nerien did in Skyrim.

In Summerset, the Psijics are a joinable order which among granting access to cool new gear will also grant a new Psijic Magic Combat Tree, which focuses on time manipulation and other phenomenal things I didn’t know I needed until now.

Prologue Quest.jpg

To visit the Summerset Isles before the official release on June 5th, players can play the first quest of the expansion ‘Through A Veil Darkly’, by acquiring the Mage’s Message Stone from the Crown Store for free. This will prompt an urgent message from Vanus Galerion and will probably involve Naryu somehow. She is always popping up expectedly unexpectedly. Once completed, players will receive the Wyrd Elemental Plume memento as a sign of their accomplishment.

Summerset Isles

The Summerset Isles are a place of sheer beauty and wonder, and we can all thank Queen Ayrenn for allowing us access…and Mephala I guess. Over the next few weeks we will be given small glimpses into the world and its secrets but in the meantime check out the official Summerset gameplay trailer.

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