The Siege Of Ascension Peak Event Begins With Paladins OB68

Jenos has descended from the heavens to find the Realm in conflict, with the Paladins forces on one side and those of the Magistrate on the other. Khan, the Primus of House Aico has began his march on Ascension Peak to ‘convince’ Jenos to join their side and we will get to experience this firsthand.

Ascension Peak

The Siege of Ascension Peak event will be held over the course of two patches so roughly four weeks and will feature brand new cosmetics, a new hybrid game mode and a gorgeous new map. Seriously, this one is breathtaking…plus sky whales.

Ascension Peak Capture Point

Ascension Peak is a bright, Chinese themed mountaintop temple Siege map where the capture point is significantly larger than those on previous maps. This allows for more varied and intense gameplay directly impacted by its size. You will be able to obviously play Ascension Peak through the Siege playlist but also through a special Event game mode.


During the two patches that the Siege of Ascension Peak will be going for a unique playlist will be active allowing players to matchmake on the side of the two warring factions: the Paladins and the Magistrates forces. You will randomly be assigned a faction and a Champion from that faction. Cassie, Seris, Jenos and Skye are all confirmed playable Champs for the event, fighting for the Paladins (Cassie/Jenos) and the Magistrate (Seris/Skye).

While Ascension Peak is a Siege map, the limited time event will allow players to battle it out with Onslaught rules. However, you will also be reminded that it is a true siege by the presence of firebomb projectiles raining down from above courtesy of Khan’s army. That’s not all, as thanks to the re-emergence of Jenos, every Champion regardless of faction will be granted 50% cooldown reduction for all their abilities. These can be stacked with loadout cards to make some truly insane gameplay choices. It is going to be a lot of fun.

Demon Slayer Zhin

There are four new skins awaiting your arrival with Paladins OB68, all boasting amazing visuals, awesome audio and special effects. Starting with Demon Slayer Zhin, who you can see going head to head with someone holding a very familiar weapon. Demon Slayer Zhin has a more ferocious looking sword which isn’t hurt at all by those Shredder-esque claws on his right hand. Not to mention, his attack sound has a more decisive ‘whip’ to it which makes it seem more impactful.


Skye gets a brand new skin which turns her into a high school girl. I never once stopped to think that the Realm had high schools but I suppose Academic Skye proves it. Complete with anime-style audio when activating her stealth abilities, Academic is definitely one to pick up.


Jade Priestess SerisJade Priestess Seris Weapon

Then there is Jade Priestess Seris, which for me being a Support main, and more specifically a Seris (and a Jenos) main is one of the best things about OB68. A coiled snake curls in her orb, we have snake imagery everywhere from the jade snake head on her right hand to the golden snake dangling from the orb.

All of the above Siege of Ascension Peak skins are part of three individual bundles, all priced at 300 Crystals, which is dirt cheap considering what you get. Each bundle provides you with the associated skin, a Diamond chest roll (which is the price right there), a Champ specific MVP pose and a unique Crest.

Soul Eater Jenos

If you purchase all three bundles, which will cost you 900 Crystals, you will get access to Soul Eater Jenos, a new MVP pose, Loading Frame and the title, ‘Supreme Senpai’ all for free.

Soul Eater Jenos Weapon

Soul Eater Jenos is worth it alone, as it is incredibly badass and the weapon is, in my opinion, one of the best designed in Paladins thus far. It is worth mentioning that once the Siege of Ascension Peak event ends, this skin will disappear and never return so you better make sure you grab it while you can. According to HiRez Alyssa, the voice lines of both Soul Eater Jenos and Demon Slayer Zhin hint at some conflict and animosity between the two, expanding the lore just a little bit more.

The Siege of Ascension Peak will also bring three dedicated questlines to Paladins, each requiring four separate quests to be completed for a total of twelve. While you will be generously rewarded with gold and VIP points upon completion, if you had purchased any/all of the bundles you can combine one of the Crests with the end reward to get a special Roaming Emote.

Roaming Emotes are special customisations which allow forward movement while emoting and thanks to a video compiled by Youtuber Zeus Tube, you can check them out too. Roaming Emotes are available for Maeve, Strix and Androxus and may make you groan, laugh or some combination of both.

New Paladins Loading Screen

The loading screen for Paladins has been drastically cleared up and simplified this patch making it a lot cleaner and navigatable. Replacing the ads, new Champion skins or at least Soul Eater Jenos will be viewable in all their glory on the side, the perfect ad if ever I’ve seen one.

Event Page

There is also a dedicated event page for Siege of Ascension Peak showing off all the purchasable bundles and quests.

Season 2

As you may be aware, Season 2 of Paladins ranked mode is basically here or at least will be very soon and has brought some decisive changes to the standard formula. In ranked matches going forward each team will be granted an additional ban, making it all the more important that you are proficient with multiple Champions. To compensate for this, the draft time has been increased by 30 seconds, which may be beneficial at the start but could get annoying as the grinding increases.

Event Loading Frames

Speaking of grinding, while the rank levels will remain the same, the Frames will no longer be dynamically added to your Champs as the season goes on. Instead, after the season is over, you will retroactively be rewarded a loading frame depending on how high you got. The above picture shows off the event frames but it will be the same concept. The higher your rank at the season’s end, the more intricate in design it will be. There is a catch as you need to have 200 wins under your belt by the end of the season to activate this, it doesn’t matter what rank you end up on, but you need to have been won a fair few matches.

Rewards have been changed slightly as well with the season being divided into Splits or sections so instead of one large body of time, there will be several. Within the first Split you will be able to earn the ‘Town Crier’ Announcer pack after collecting 25 wins in ranked. The Town Crier is a jovial sort of fellow, basically what you would expect from a fantasy land announcer.

Qualifying for ranked has also become easier with the number of placement matches required reduced from fifteen to ten. Once your ten placement matches have been completed you will be rewarded with a Gold Chest roll.

Full Throttle Vivian

There are two major level rewards, the first being Full Throttle Vivian which, like Terrmorph only requires you to get to rank Gold 5. And no the bike is not a new Mount, unfortunately. After 100 ranked wins you can earn the Warbound title, showing off your competitive skill and prowess.

After the terror that was Cards Unbound, Hi-Rez have delivered an amazing new update that has got me so incredibly hyped that I cannot possibly wait. Siege of Ascension Peak has got me more excited than Christmas. If it keeps pace with the current schedule OB68 should drop for PC this coming Wednesday/Thursday and a week later for consoles.


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