Destiny 2 Is Bringing Back Hero Moments With The Go Fast Update

It is all about that speed. 

Destiny 2 is upping the ante in their latest game update, appropriately entitled the Go Fast Update. Literally, almost everything in the game that has a relatively slow speed has been boosted to the Nines (#Destiny2pun). These changes are major and could see many players, myself included, flocking back to Destiny 2. So what exactly is coming in the Go Fast Update?

First off, base character speed boosts across the board, enabled through their respective movement types, Lift, Jump and Glide. This will allow for an overall increase in movement speed both in PVE and PVP.

Speaking of the different classes, there have been significant changes to certain Subclass types that have been apparently underperforming, enabling them to move a lot faster. Arcstaff, Dawnblade and Striker are the most prominent of the Subclass changes and based on the Go Fast Developer Update video, they are going to be quite the formidable force. Watching the Dawnblade zoom across the map is both awe-inspiring and terrifying to behold. It is a good day to be a Warlock main. There was even a glimpse of a Nova Bomb that has been sped right up and reduced in size, bringing up pleasant memories of a Destiny 1 Voidwalker.

Gotta Go Fast

Power ammo spawn times and respawn times have been sped up to make Crucible matches more intense and action-packed so there is less time waiting to get into the fight and more time, in the words of Sandbox Design Lead Josh Hamrick, to create those hero moments.

To that end weapons of all calibres and creeds, whether hand cannon, sniper rifle, shotgun or Exotic are being buffed and brought to the highest of high levels. Instead of taking a look at the top performing weapons and bringing them down, Bungie is now building everything else up. This feeds into the increased action, variety and intensity of the post-update game as well as keeping what makes each weapon special. In the Developer Commentary video, there were a few glimpses of the Prometheus Lens and The Colony, which is a good indication these Exotics will be getting the buff they so need to become truly Exotic once again.

The Go Fast Update will revitalise and elevate Destiny 2 to unprecedented levels by bringing back the competition, the intensity and the capacity for sheer, doubtless awesomeness. Get updating Guardians.

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