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Hands-On With Brigitte, Overwatch’s Support-Tank Hybrid

Brigitte has been playable in Overwatch for a while now and after playing a fair few games with her, she is a match made in heaven for this Support player. While a few of her abilities may seem quite similar to fans of the game who enjoy the combat stylings of Torbjorn and Reinhardt, Brigitte brings her own personality and decisive flair to the battlefield.

Character design-wise and gameplay-wise Brigitte has been influenced by the two biggest figures in her life, being her father Torbjorn and her travelling companion Reinhardt. It is lovely to see the direct connection about how her life and the people in it have shaped who she is. Despite all this, according to Jeff Kaplan, many players still do not know how to play Brigitte properly or to maximise her potential. This could be due to the hybrid nature of her role. Let us dive in and check out her abilities and hopefully leave you approaching your games with a bit more confidence.

Rocket Flail

Brigitte is the second melee character to come to Overwatch, utilising a technologically enhanced Rocket Flail instead of a Rocket Hammer. Since it does have extended range, it is capable of hitting multiple enemies with a single swing, not to mention it can throw off an enemy’s aim a little bit. It is worth mentioning that players can simply hold down the primary attack button to unleash a never-ending barrage of melee strikes.

Brigitte’s Passive ability, Inspire, provides healing over time for any allies within range of her Rocket Flail strikes, which really incentivises attacking or dealing some form of damage throughout the game. Brigitte is a Support-Tank hybrid Hero despite being grouped solely with the supports, which means she has the capability to truly shelter and keep her teams alive while dealing lethal amounts of damage. So you have to remember to be flexible with Brigitte’s abilities and not to set into a defined pattern of solely shielding, or solely attacking.

Keeping with her Rocket Flail, Brigitte is capable of using a Whip Shot which sees her Flail shoot out in a straight line, dealing decent damage and knocking an enemy away from her. It is a fairly decent knockback and if timed correctly could easily send some heroes flying off a cliff to an early demise. Whip Shot can be used intermittently while holding down a barrage of primary melee attacks without any real delay and can be the perfect way to dish out some extra damage. Not to mention the benefits of having a linear ranged ability in your arsenal.

Repair Pack is Brigitte’s primary form of healing, a small, ally-tracking pack of goodness that provides 150 healing on impact, which is huge for most Heroes, coupled with a reasonable six-second cooldown. Repair Pack rewards players for ‘topping’ up the health bars of allies by providing an additional armour bonus for any healing that goes over their maximum health. This is where the tank aspect comes into it. Instead of waiting for an ally to start losing health, a good player may be able to anticipate the flow of battle or hit an ally with the Repair Pack as they are charging into a fight, to give them that edge.

Barrier Shield

Much like Reinhardt, Brigitte is equipped with a Barrier Shield, although a much smaller one. She is not designed to lead the charge with her entire team crouched behind her, with her Barrier Shield being big enough only for her. That being said, Brigitte can move in front of an ally (or allies if they huddle together) and provide a little additional protection. When her Barrier Shield is active, Brigitte can also utilise a Shield Bash, which allows her to dash a short distance in order to stun an enemy. It is a short blast of one-directional mobility but it allows her to get within melee range of her target where she can truly deal some damage. Her Shield Bash can also be used as an escape tool to dash out of an encroaching attack or a way to retreat to a backup position. It does have a five-second cooldown though, so use it wisely.


Finally, we have Rally, an ability that greatly bolsters Brigitte’s effectiveness as a melee-focused character. Rally grants a ten-second speed boost to Brigitte as well as providing 30 armour per second (total 150) for every hero within its radius. This armour will not disappear until it is removed by damage, so if someone is particularly adept at evading, the armour will last a truly long time. There is a lot of potential styles that can be exhibited with this ability. Whether you want to dash around, granting all your allies a bit of armour, want to stick with your team and charge, or want to use the additional armour to try and counter an attack or ult, the game is your knight-shaped oyster.

What players have to remember though, is that Brigitte is a Support-Tank. Your job is to provide healing and/or armour. Keeping an eye out for allies who are in need of healing, or someone who needs a bit of cover with Barrier Shield is going to be your job. Sure, Brigitte can be played offensively, and should be to make use of that passive heal but she also needs to remain near the team to truly embody that supporting tank role.

From the few games I have played with Brigitte, my main advice is look out for allies who need healing, toss out that Repair Pack generously, especially with heroes that have a high chance of getting hit a bunch (looking at you Reinhardt I barely kept alive all game), Barrier Shield whenever possible and use that powerful Rocket Flail alongside your team for those sweet, sweet heals. Hopefully, this has helped you somewhat and you can go out and be a kickass Brigitte player.

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