Uprising Has Returned To Overwatch In 2018 With A Possible Blackwatch Mission Type

The battle for King’s Row is back in the 2018 edition of Overwatch Uprising. For those who didn’t get to play it the first time or new players in general, Uprising is a lore-based PVE mode wherein players cooperatively fight against hordes of AI controlled Omnics.

Uprising follows the story of the defeat of the Omnics at the hands of Tracer, Reinhardt, Torbjorn and Mercy who fought their way through King’s Row, taking out anti-air turrets and delivering a bomb straight to the hideout of the Null Sector Omnics.

Players will be able to tackle this returning Arcade event with two modes, the ‘Story’ mode which will see players follow the same path and play as Reinhardt, Mercy, Tracer and Torbjorn. There is also an All Heroes mode which will allow you to, obviously, tackle the PVE game mode without any hero restrictions.

According to a very special Developer Update, it was revealed that this year’s event will be known as Overwatch Archives. There is a massive amount of lore in Overwatch and through the Archives, players can relive those battles and hero moments. Overwatch Archives will be bringing more of those past triumphs to the playable forefront of the game.

There will undoubtedly be new skins, voice packs and sprays to collect alongside the returning cosmetics that players may or may not have already collected. The Developer Update teased that there is quite a badass skin coming for; “your favourite Shimada brother”.My best guess is Genji. Not to mention, there was a slight teaser about file 0274 at the end of the Uprising announcement video, tweeted out by the official Overwatch Twitter page.

File 0274 could be relating to Blackwatch, the secret black ops division of Overwatch. In the above video, we can see McCree, a known Blackwatch member, decked out in his Blackwatch skin. During the King’s Row Uprising, McCree and several other Blackwatch agents violated a suspension order to scout Null Sector fortifications. So it is entirely possible that we may see a separate mission set, with a new cast of heroes, focusing on the adventures of Blackwatch.

Blackwatch McCree

In any case, we will find out soon, with the Uprising event for Overwatch beginning again on April 10th 2018 and ending on April 30th. Let’s take down some Omnics…except for Zenyatta of course.

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