Paladins: Champions of the Realm

Love And War Collide In Paladins OB69 Alongside New Frontline, Khan

And when I say love, I mean the deep-voiced sultry kind of love.

With the Siege of Ascension Peak event in full swing, raining fire and lowering cooldowns, it is time for the next step in the Realm. It can’t always be war and fire, sometimes it is love and a lot of feathers. There isn’t a lot going on cosmetic wise in OB69, but quality over quantity is the way to go, these skins are truly next level.

Love Machine Bomb King

First of all, we have a very smooooothhh and silky-voiced Bomb King with buns of steel. Love Machine Bomb King comes with his own series of love heart effects for explosions, bomb trails and of course, a brand new funky and romantic tune whenever he activates his Ult.

Carnival Ying

The final skin for OB69 has to be one of the best skins in the game, and certainly the best one for Ying. Carnival Ying is another Epic level skin featuring a gorgeous love heart and feather design. The scroll on her back has been replaced with a glowing heart and her mirror also has a delightful heart design.

Heart Mirror Carnival Ying

Also coming in this patch is an amazingly animated Legendary Dance emote known as the Love Burn. The movements are snappy and crisp and it perfectly goes with the just-wanna-have-fun vibes that Carnival Ying gives out. The Love Burn emote, Love Machine Bomb King and Carnival Ying will all be available in the Valentines chest which will be returning in OB69.

We now have to talk about one of the biggest changes coming to Paladins in OB69. I am talking of course about the VIP store which is being phased out in OB70. This means that throughout OB69, awesome skins will be added/returned to the VIP store in order to help you spend some of those pesky VIP Points.

If you don’t want to spend them or have simply purchased everything there is to be purchased, you will receive a Gold Chest for every 10,000 VIP Points you hold when VIP is removed from the game. This only goes to 100,000 for a total of 10 Gold Chests, with a Diamond Chest given for every 50,000 after that.

Any time left on your VIP membership will be compensated at a rate of four Crystals per day while unused VIP boosters will be converted to Battle Pass boosters, which I will cover in a little bit. All players will keep the VIP Tier rewards they have earned to this point with a little extra from the lovely team at Hi-Rez. If you have reached Tier Three or higher, you will be given a limited Avatar which will be a new player icon cosmetic, while any players who reached the lofty heights of Tier Five will get the first Battle Pass and a new Legendary Mount for free.

Golden Booster Weapons

That is not all, as the Account Boost will also be getting removed from Paladins in OB69, which will put a slight damper on the exp gain. Any time you have remaining will be left to run out after which you will not be able to purchase another one.

Next up on the docket are your Golden Booster weapons which are being temporarily taken out of the game while the boost function is removed. The Golden Weapons had a mixed reception with many players not liking that these amazing amendments were only able to be rented while the boost lasted. So when they make their return in OB70, they will have a way to be purchased permanently.

All of the above, particularly the VIP store will be replaced with a Battle Pass, which offers a fun sequence of quests, new cosmetics, three new epic skins to earn and more. This will most likely be purchasable with Crystals but we will learn more in the coming weeks.

For The Glory Of House AICO

Khan, Primus Of House Aico

With a name uncovered by data-miners many months ago, and many teases since then, Khan has finally entered the battle for the Realm as the Magistrate’s main Frontline and the general of House Aico. Khan is a very close-range Frontline, with most of his abilities promoting being up in the heat of it.

Heavy Repeater

Khan’s primary weapon is his Heavy Repeater which is optimal at close range, fires every 0.26 seconds and deals more damage with headshots. Headshots shouldn’t be too hard to hit due to the relatively slow firing nature.


The Primus comes with his own personal shield, like all Frontlines, known as Bulwark. Khan activates a hand-held energy shield similar to Fernando’s which can crack and have to regenerate over time before being able to be used at full effectiveness again.

Commander's Grab

Commander’s Grab is going to be a staple of Khan’s kit, capable of providing a lot of directional control to toss players off cliffs and into hazards (looking at you Splitstone Quarry). Commander’s Grab launches Khan forward with a burst dash and if he makes contact with an enemy, they will be lifted up and tossed behind him. This ability does a little bit of damage but the main effect is that you can rotate Khan’s body to make use of the terrain.

Being a general Khan can also bolster the morale of allied forces with his Battle Shout, which provides a burst of healing for Khan and nearby allies. Not only that but Battle Shout provides a brief period of damage and CC immunity. If timed right, Battle Shout can prevent the damage from Terminus’ resurrection Ult.


Finally, we have Khan’s Ult, known as Overpower. Similar to Commander’s Grip, Khan sends out a kind of tractor beam, hold up an enemy for a maximum of five seconds, and throw them a significant distance in any direction you see fit. Khan can toss an enemy into walls, buildings, off cliffs and even into other enemies, applying a decent knockback.

While the Siege of Ascension Peak rages on, Khan is stepping down from the mountain and entering the main body of the fight for the Realm. Paladins patch OB69 is truly a beautiful mix of love and war.

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