Relive Blackwatch History With New Retribution Mode

With the return of Uprising to Overwatch this year, Jeff Kaplan and the team over at Blizzard have decided to create a new event type, Overwatch Archives. This will allow players to experience the epic battles and conflicts fought throughout the history of the organisation in a PVE setting.

Last year, players got to experience Uprising and the battle against the Null Sector Omnics, and while it is once again returning, the top tier prize is the brand new Retribution event. You will battle against the forces of Talon, attempting to capture one of their high-ranking agents with a crack squad comprising of Moira, Reaper, McCree and Genji. You will only be able to play with those four on the basic level of the new mode.

There will also be an option to tackle the challenge at a higher difficulty with whatever or whoever you wish.

Talon Sombra

Blackwatch Moira

With both Uprising and Retribution, over 100 items from the first Uprising event will be returning along with 60 brand new ones, which encompasses highlight intros, emotes, sprays and of course, the awesome skins.

Overwatch Archives and the new Retribution game mode will be arriving tomorrow and will be a way for players to once again dive physically into the lore and history of the game. Check out the official trailer below if you haven’t already…or just watch it again.

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