Paladins: Champions of the Realm

Brace Yourself For A New Frontier In Paladins OB70

If you need to get a drink, you better do it now because once we get into the nuts and bolts of this patch (and the incredible cosmetics) you won’t want to stop looking at them. With all the significant changes and the system alterations that Paladins has been subjected to, we have not been getting a healthy dose of awesome new cosmetics. Well, Hi-Rez has really kicked it into high-gear.

OB70 will see the arrival of another new system that was announced in the previous update showcase known as the Battle Pass. Replacing the VIP system which could get quite grindy pretty much all the time. Similiar to VIP, the Battle Pass will provide points/progression for all players regardless of whether they buy into the feature or not. However, the major rewards in the form of the Epic skins and such are exclusive to anyone who purchases the Battle Pass. Players who don’t will still earn Diamond and Gold Chests as well as Battle Points and can earn any rewards retroactively if they make the decision to purchase the Battle Pass at a later date.

The Battle Pass is a way to unlock amazing new cosmetic content through a linear earn track comprising of 50 levels that you have three months to earn. As for the cost, it may seem a little pricey prima facie, sitting at 500 Crystals but it is definitely worth it for the three Epic skins and Legendary Mount that you get, along with all the smaller cosmetic fix-ins. Not to mention that as you earn your way through the levels you can earn up to 100 Crystals back which really drags down the price to the equivalent of one Epic skin.

Exarch Jenos

The first bit of Battle Pass content is a very familiar face in the Realm, especially with the fact that his first event is ongoing currently. The tone for Jenos’ Exarch skin is quite a different tack when compared to Soul Eater. Going back to a more elegant adaptation of the astral theme, Exarch embodies an intense villainous type who is bored by the ‘lesser beings’ of the Realm and empowered in the fact that he can do whatever he wants without anyone challenging him.

Exarch Jenos Weapon

Exarch Jenos comes to the Realm with a sleek new weapon and quite the deep, intense voice pack and an apparent hint at the lore of the Realm. The Realm’s moon is evidently falling to pieces, possibly a hint at a future Paladins map.

Robo Force Ruckus

Next up is Robo Force Ruckus bringing that retro vibe that the Realm definitely needed. Reminding me severely of Baymax from Big Hero Six (which I still need to watch), Robo Force Ruckus has some quality, sassy banter between Ruckus and Bolt, as well as some truly amazing VFX.

Robo Force Ruckus IN-GameRobo Force Ruckus Hexa

It is like being transported back in time, but to an alternate reality where everything is also super advanced. Plus I cannot reiterate how much I love the voice pack, Bolt gives me life sometimes.

Neon Demon Grohk

The final Epic skin for the first Battle Pass is one that you may have seen a little bit if you follow any of the Paladins social media. Neon Demon was a very early skin for Grohk that wasn’t able to be added in due to the parts and pieces system. In case you’re unfamiliar, parts and pieces was the system which allowed players to mix and match different parts of different skins. Hi-Rez removed it to allow for a better quality of skin and it is definitely paying off.

Neon Demon Grohk Weapon

Neon Demon Grohk comes with delightful prismatic VFX that also capture a sci-fi, slightly retro vibe. Neon Demon Grohk wouldn’t look too out of place at a rave. Not only does it look cool, but it has a layered voice pack chock full of old-school references.

Neon Demon Grohk Ult

Lines like, “We will, we will Grohk you” and “Hello darkness my old friend”, are all at your disposable with a voice pack that definitely touches the insane side of our lightning orc. I know I say this every time I write one of these articles but this is truly one of my favs.

Mecha Prowler

All the above skins will be acquirable throughout the Battle Pass levelling system but when it comes to instant rewards it doesn’t get more badass than a limited Legendary Mount. Oh, and it can talk. Yep, you aren’t seeing things, the Mecha Prowler can interact with the world, and the player as it is ridden out to the point (hopefully). It has a robotic purr and a heavily robotic voice pack that sounds like it won’t hesitate to rip you limb from limb if it needs to. Being a limited Legendary Mount, a cool design and a voice pack is not enough, so with that Hi-Rez have provided it with amazing digital effects as it roams.

Gravestone Death Stamp

Smaller cosmetics and fun little add-ons will also be part of the very first Battle Pass, like the Gravestone Death Stamp. When you have this equipped, every time you eliminate someone in it will leave a tiny little Gravestone in the exact spot where they died. Just imagine the scene after you completely wipe the enemy team.

Gear Animated Spray

Each ten levels players can earn a new Battle Pass reward, which, according to Hi-Rez won’t take an excessively long time. The rewards are;

-Level 10: Death Stamp

-Level 20: Robo Force Ruckus

-Level 30: Exarch Jenos

-Level 40: ‘Gear Up’ Animated Spray

-Level 50: Neon Demon Grohk

There will also be Battle Pass boosters, unique hats for Sha Lin, Mal’Damba, Lex and Strix, a Battle Chest, Battle Spray, and a unique title for completing all Battle Pass challenges – Gearhead.

Cosmetics aren’t done so I hope you’re still comfortable.

Huntsman Androxus

Remember a few months ago when Paladins ran their second Community Skin Project? In case you don’t, our resident Godslayer was chosen and more specifically his Huntsman Skin. Well, that little bit of concept art has been made a reality with Huntsman Androxus entering the Realm in OB70. Switching out the bright green for some beautiful blues and purples Huntsman Androxus brings a new set of VFX and wondrous designs to the battlefield.

Huntsman Androxus Weapon

Seriously, look at his weapon. It is a beautiful flintlock-style revolver that just fits perfectly with the personality of Androxus and is exactly how I’d envision the weapon of a god slayer. The voice pack, much like every skin in this patch is remarkably done, completely off the chain. The accent is very similar to that of Night Bane Cassie but I am terrible with accents so I cannot figure out the country.

Undoubtedly you will want to acquire this awesome skin right? In that case Hi-Rez have set up a little deal for the whole of OB70. As a thank you to the community for sticking by them and the game we all love Huntsman Androxus will be available as a direct purchase at 50% off. So for 200 Crystals, you will be able to add the Huntsman to your collection.

Golden Booster Weapons

Golden Weapons will be making a return in OB70 with each weapon being acquirable by reaching Champion Mastery 50. For example, I have a level 54 Seris so I will be able to purchase her respective weapon. Golden Weapons will be purchasable with Gold, so we finally have an avenue to spend some of it if you have it banked.


Strike Maeve

In case you haven’t had your fill of Paladins on your home console, you can always play the mobile version known as Paladins Strike. If you do, you may be able to earn two new skins that come from linking and playing through the game. Strike Maeve can be acquired by registering to Paladins Strike and linking your Strike to your Hi-Rez account.

Covert Ops

Covert Ops Lex has been a popular skin in Paladins Strike with many players wanting him to make the transition to the OG game. As of OB70, that can be arranged, with players being able to earn Covert Ops Lex just by playing Paladins Strike earning 1500 Crystals.

Once your account is linked and you win 25 matches in either Siege or Summons you be able to unlock the ‘Heavenly Striker’ Title and a special Strike Avatar in Paladins. Everyone has the default Crystal Avatar at the moment so it will be nice to see some true variation. 

Viktor Rework

The last big thing on the cosmetics side is that our battered and bruised soldier, Viktor is getting a bit of a visual rework. He has done his time as a punching bag and now it is time for a makeover. This is an awesome rework, with the wolf’s head pauldron featuring prominently in third person mode. Plus the bayonet is sinister.

Paladins is seeing a beta exclusive pack disappear and be replaced by something simpler and more streamlined as the game approaches official launch. The Founders Pack will be completely removed in OB70 and replaced with the brand new Champion Pack. This pack will not have any additional cosmetics or bonuses it will just unlock all current and future Champions over the course of the game.

Next up is the Season Pass, which many games do quite successfully. The Paladins Season Pass will set you up with access to Battle Passes one, two and three, as well as providing you with 1500 Crystals on top of that. For all my Aussie friends out there, the 1500 Crystals alone costs $33. It is well worth the price considering how much content you can earn with each Battle Pass.

The Champions Pack will be available for $30, while the Season Pass will be $40 but if you are in a position where you want to acquire both you can pick up the Digital Deluxe Edition for $60. You are basically saving $10 but of course, that comes down to you.

Paladins is an evolving game that has undergone many changes both good and bad but Hi-Rez really seem to be working hard for the community, and it is nice to see. I cannot wait for this patch to drop and you can be damn sure I am going to be picking up that Battle Pass ASAP!


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