Elder Scrolls Online

ESO’s Summerset Adds More Daedric Princes And The Psijic Order To The Mix

Amidst the celebrations of the Elder Scrolls Online’s fourth anniversary, players are getting treated and teased by the next major expansion coming to the Elder Scrolls universe. Summerset will see the borders of the Summerset Isles, home of the High Elves, open to all who wish to migrate there. Of course, there is a whole bunch of bad stuff going on at the time and a Daedric Prince is on the loose but what else is new?

Summerset continues the storyline of the base game that continued through Morrowind and most recently tore through the Clockwork City. Mephala, the Daedric Prince of murders, plots and other secret things is continuing the dastardly cycle and trying to overthrow the pseudo-gods of the Tribunal. 

Let us take a look back at some of the top Mephala hits over the course of The Elder Scrolls franchise. Mephala began by ‘convincing’ the Prophet Veloth and his fellow Chimer to split off from the Aldmer and build a new nation based entirely on Daedric principles. This was followed by Mephala and Boethiah establishing the clan system that became the great Dunmeri houses. Not to sinister yet right? Well, she also founded the assassins guild known as the Morag Tong and taught all Dunmer how to eliminate their enemies with secret plots of murder. The fact that Mephala has such a strong connection to the Morag Tong means we will most likely be in the company of Naryu once again which will showcase quite the interesting story twist.


Fast forward a few hundred years, and while she was undoubtedly messing with mortals in a whole bunch of terrifying and hilarious ways. Through the events in Morrowind, Mephala granted the use of 27 Daedric Tokens that were given to her most devoted followers in the Morag Tong. These were eventually stolen from them by the Dark Brotherhood, after which Mephala ‘arranges’ for their return by sending the player to slaughter everyone one by one. In Oblivion the Webspinner is back at it again sending the Hero of Kvatch to murder the heads of two prominent families and leave evidence that the murders were done by the other family. As you can imagine, this resulted in chaos and misguided murder.

Finally, she appears during the events of Skyrim through the Whispering Door, where you never get to see her, fitting for the mistress of secrets. After another murder, the player is rewarded with the Ebony Blade. I am hoping that we will see both the Ebony Blade and the Ring of Khajiit in Summerset.

Keeping with the mystical nature of Summerset, players will be able to interact with and assist the Psijic Order who took their island of Artaeum and went into self-imposed exile. Players will need to travel all throughout Summerset on a brand new quest line as well as closing deadly time breaches all over the newly opened continent. 

In case you hadn’t figured it out yet, the Psijic Order and probably the entire quest line is based around time and time manipulation. Players will be able to learn a new set of skills including a new Passive ability and Ultimate. Let us take a look at some of the upcoming skills we will be able to learn;

  • Time Stop: Freeze the passage of time at a specific location. If you catch your enemies with this ability they will be frozen in place, allowing you to take advantage.
  • Meditate: Focus your mind into a deep meditative state. While active it will restore your Health, Magicka and Stamina over time.
  • Undo: Step backwards into the past to reset your Health, Magicka and Stamina to what they were four seconds ago.

When Summerset opens its borders, players will be able to visit Ceporah Tower and talk to Ritemaster Iachesis to uncover the secrets of the Psijics and the Mages Guild.

A lot of mysteries and lore will be uncovered with the arrival of Summerset on June 5th 2018, not to mention the exhilarating time-based skill tree. I, for one, cannot wait to visit the land of the High Elves.

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