Paladins: Champions of the Realm

Lead House Aico To Victory With These Tips And Tricks For Khan

Khan is the newest Front Line to enter the fight for the Realm and he really likes getting up in the action with a fine selection of attacks that allow you to physically reposition your foes. Khan also brings a rallying cry and his own personal shield to the battlefield, providing versatility and a Champion to lead the charge. 

Heavy Repeater

Khan’s Heavy Repeater (which is getting a rather noticeable damage buff in OB70) is effective at close to medium range, which as you can probably imagine, means Khan has to remain in the thick of battle to make any real difference. The downside to the Heavy Repeater is that it does fire relatively slowly but if you use it strategically and in synergy, with Khan’s many defensive abilities it will not let you down. Or just use the Storm Of Bullets Talent to get ten extra bullets. 


The Bulwark is one of the more versatile abilities in Khan’s kit able to be activated instantly to protect his large armoured body. In this regard, Khan is not a traditional Front Line as he doesn’t have the ability to shield multiple allies at once like Ash does for example. Due to the close quarters nature of the Primus, it is not hard to simply move in front of allies with Bulwark active to negate some damage. In some of the more intense map hot spots, you will most likely do it quite involuntarily.  

Battle Shout is a unique ability in the Front Line class as it allows you to cover any allies in range with CC immunity for a few seconds as well as healing yourself and nearby teammates for 800 health. Battle Shout is an ability that should be used as often as possible, preferably when your team is gathered around but time it strategically and it could save your allies in a pinch. 

Having a brief moment of CC immunity can be an absolute game changer when used correctly. Grohk’s Tempest, Seris’ Convergence and any other ability that slows, cripples, stuns or otherwise controls your movement can be nullified with this CC immunity. A great tip for Battle Shout is to use it just before the explosion of Terminus’ Ressurection Ult, as it can completely negate the effects of it. 

Commander’s Grab is another very popular ability that has a ton of potential and should be a staple of any Khan build. It is elegant in its simplicity and allows Khan to reposition his foes by tossing them behind him. Khan will dash forward and if he makes contact with an enemy, he will pick them up and throw them behind his hulking, armoured body. 

First of all being a Front Line, Khan should be the first or one of the first to reach the heart of battle which puts him in an optimal position to grab an opponent and separate them from their team. We all know how fast a Champion can go down when they are being focused on and combining that with the added bonus of cutting off their team support will make it all the easier. Once Commander’s Grab has done its work Khan can throw up Bulwark to give you some time to gather your bearings or just go nuts and obliterate your foes with the Heavy Repeater. 

Commander’s Grab also provides you with the unique opportunity to utilise the hazards and cliffs of the Realm more often than an occasional Torvald Ult. Try tossing enemy Champions off cliffs, particularly after they have just utilised a movement ability so to minimise the chance they can recover from it. Of course, don’t solely seek to cliff toss everyone as that would be neglecting much of Khan’s kit and could open you up to being melted from any number of directions. In the same vein Commander’s Grab can be used to also toss Champions into the spinning fidget spinner blades on the Siege map Splitstone Quarry. Seeing as a lot of battles do get fought around that immediate area it can provide some unique and awesome opportunities for a quick kill.

Commander's Grab

Finally, Commander’s Grab can be used as a movement ability to rapidly dash Khan forward to chase down a fleeing enemy or to provide you with some much-needed space in a pinch. Khan is a close-range Champion and using Commander’s Grab often and reactively can lead to a complete domination of the battlefield.

Overpower is Khan’s Ultimate ability and has a similar concept to Commander’s Grab except it comes with a little bit more range, Khan emits a beam that will drag a single enemy to him and hold him in the air. Khan then has complete control of where to throw that Champion. This throw is incredibly powerful and it is extremely unlikely that anyone caught in it will be able to escape it unless you botch the Ult. The biggest tip I could give with Overpower is to try to use it on an enemy Champ that is either really hard to kill or one that is keeping the team alive. It is essential to be strategic with your Ult use as it does take quite a long while to recharge it and it only affects a single target.


That being said you can get quite creative with Overpower not just by tossing them off cliffs, but into walls if they are low enough health, into another group of enemy Champions to deal some damage and make use of the small knockback or try to directly into another Champion who is skirting the edge of the map to try and score two kills for the price of one. I did this quite by accident while trying out new strategies in a Bot match where I took out a Zhin who was whirlwinding past at the exact moment I tossed another enemy off the cliff…it was awesome. 

Khan is a Champion that offers a different style of gameplay to other Front Lines and comes with his own set of subtle nuances that can turn the tide of a match if used correctly. The above tips are not too crazy but open up the possibilities for your own awesome plays. Feel free to share any more tips you come across in the comments. 

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