Paladins: Champions of the Realm

Paladins Official Release Date And A Massive Content Plan Revealed For 2018

After more than a year of beta testing Paladins: Champions of the Realm finally has an official release date and it is a lot sooner than you think. Hi-Rez Studios have revealed that the hero shooter will fully release on May 8th, 2018 so it is less than a week away.

Don’t worry about content though, Hi-Rez have stated in an official blog post that even though the game is coming out of beta it won’t be the end of regular content updates or bug fixes. What it will mean is that there will be no new game-changing systems being implemented or taken away. The loadout system with the 15 points will remain the same as well as the way players can customise their Champions.

With this official announcement, which is kind of a big deal, Paladins will play host to two weeks of in-game events and 200 free Crystals for everyone that logs in to the game between May 8th and May 31st. Not only that but players will also receive a special Beta Avatar to showcase that you were here at the beginning.

Throughout the year Paladins will play host to new events similar to Siege of Ascension Peak, which apparently was only a small test in comparison to the coming events. A whole year of events is planned out for the rest of 2018, apparently even bigger and better than Siege of Ascension Peak, which will hopefully tie in with some more lore. On top of all this, Paladins will continue to release new Champions, “incredible themed skins and cosmetics”, entertaining new game modes and lore cinematics into the Realm which is only going to be good for the game.

Mark your calendars ladies and gentlemen because the official release of Paladins is just around the corner and marks a new era for the game. Aside from the awesome scheduled content that will follow the May 8th launch, players can also look forward to having the stability of no major changes that they will have to adjust to. Heres to the Realm and thank you Hi-Rez for all your hard work.






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