Destiny 2

Playthrough Of New Insight Terminus Strike Shows Off Exotic Scout Rifle, Polaris Lance

With the release of Warmind rapidly approaching, Sony along with Bungie undertook a special playthrough of the exclusive Strike, Insight Terminus. Insight Terminus will see Guardians progress through Nessus on the tail of a dangerously large Psion known as Kargen. During the boss fight, Kargen is able to shield himself in what I assume is the Insight Terminus while more Cabal are summoned to overwhelm you. Insight Terminus is just one of the three new Strikes coming within Warmind. The other two Strikes will take you through the Hellas Basin and undoubtedly through the Clovis Bray facility on Polaris.

Insight Terminus will feature copious amounts of Cabal all with the single goal of trying to eliminate you. Guardians will have to utilise Arc charges and all their wit as well as their light to gain access to and take out Kargen. The Insight Terminus appears to be a Vex construct that is being infiltrated by a crack Cabal team because let us not forget that Psions are the hackers of the faction.

Suros Regime

Throughout the Strike, the specialised fireteam showed off an improved, a returning and a brand new Exotic. They are the Borealis, Suros Regime and Polaris Lance. The Suros Regime was an incredibly popular Exotic from Destiny 1 and while I am personally not a huge fan of the weapon (I am more of a Bad Juju, Red Death kind of Guardian) it is not surprising to see it return. In case you were wondering, the Suros Regime has a perk known as Suros Legacy which deals bonus damage with the second half of the magazine and has a chance to heal the user after a kill.

Suros Regime perks

In the above screen grab, which shows off all the fun stats of this lovely Exotic, players can also see that the new level cap will be set at or close to 385 as well as a brand new armour set unrelated to Escalation Protocol.


Borealis, the PlayStation exclusive sniper rifle will be gifted with a new scope change that will grace all snipers come Season 3. Not only that but if you match your toggleable damage type to your enemy, every successive shot in the magazine will deal bonus damage.

Polaris Lance

Finally, we have the brand new Exotic, Polaris Lance, Ana Bray’s personal scout rifle which will most likely be available after the Warmind campaign is completed. Polaris Lance comes with a special perk similar to Graviton Lance where a delayed solar explosion is triggered after four successful precision shots. It has a medium fire rate but appears to hit quite hard. Being the lover of scout rifles that I am, it is highly likely that Polaris Lance will be one of my new favourites.

Towards the end of the Strike playthrough, the topic switched to the new ritual Public Event, Escalation Protocol it was revealed there is now an official canon term for a group of Ogres – a murder. Which is a lot more safe than what I have been calling them in the past.

Check out the video above if you wish to check out the PlayStation exclusive Strike or the new gameplay of the Polaris Lance. Warmind releases on May 8th, along with the Exotic updates and the beginning of Season 3. I will see the rest of you Guardians on Mars.

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