Destiny 2

Warmind Trailer Shows Off Xol, Nokris Son Of Oryx And Three New Exotics

Warmind, the second expansion for Destiny 2 is releasing tomorrow and sneaking in just ahead of the big event which I remain optimistically hopeful for is an official reveal trailer. Amidst the characteristic explosions and powerful Guardian Light displays, some key information was revealed ahead of the launch.

Exotics Galore

Polaris Lance

A spree of old favourites are on their way back into Destiny 2 like the melee-centric Claws of Ahamkara (which I used religiously in D1) and the Suros Regime, a health-sapping auto rifle that deals extra damage with the lower half of the magazine. In terms of new Exotic weapons, we have the Polaris Lance, which was utilised and discussed in a playthrough of the PlayStation exclusive Strike Insight Terminus.

The Polaris Lance is Ana Bray’s personal rifle and will most likely be a reward for completing the campaign or have a completed campaign requirement. Its perk grants a delayed solar explosion after four successful precision hits on any target. The solar explosion will proc after the fourth precision hit.


An ornate submachine gun known as the Huckleberry will also be making its debut into Destiny 2 and it is simply beautiful. The perk is not currently known but undoubtedly that will not remain the case for long.

Finally, we have a brand new Exotic sword known as Wordline Zero. This Arc weapon seems to operate quite similarly to previous Exotic swords with its standard spree of directional attacks as well as an Arc leap + spin that decimates any enemies caught in its wake.



Xol is one of the Hive worm gods, who left to find a new world to rule after Akka was slain by Auryx (Oryx). Xol took with him a cursed child abandoned by his father, who is currently unknown at this point in time and ended up on Earth, “Our only source is J54987F1225, and if it is to be believed, an invasion of unknown biological entities, including one of massive size, was detected in the region immediately before the event”.


The unknown biological entities are clearly the advancing Hive along with their leader and god, Xol. What has me stumped at the moment is the appearance of a large Hive entity that is most likely the cursed child. Based on the size, it is unlikely that this Hive entity is just an insignificant boss. My best guess is that it is either one of the forgotten sons of Oryx who wasn’t as strong as Crota or his siblings – “The cursed one took a fraction of Xol’s power and in return, Xol took the heart from the child, whose name had been struck from the World’s Grave”.

For those that did not play Destiny 1 the World’s Grave is a Hive Library/database containing every bit of knowledge held by that ruthless species. What Xol has planned is so secretive that it doesn’t want the Hive to have a record or know of it.

Frozen Hive

Hive Knight Shield

Hive sniper

I do have to admit I was disappointed when I heard that the new enemies we will be facing in Warmind, were, in fact, just frozen Hive. The same enemies we have fought time and time again over the years just given a new aesthetic. Fortunately, it isn’t all bad news as there are two small changes to some of the Hive mechanics. Some Knights will spawn with a shield that can block your incoming shots as well as Sniper Acolytes that finally give some range to the faction.

Warmind will release tomorrow and could breathe new life into Destiny 2. I cannot wait to uncover more lore about the Warmind Rasputin and the prospect of fighting a Worm God is too much to pass up. See you on Mars Guardians.

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