Exotic Review: Verity’s Brow

“The Hive do not see how we see. They look beyond, into the infinite. Into the dark.” – Eris Morn

The Verity’s Brow is one of those Exotics you didn’t know you needed until Warmind dropped. An ultra useful piece of armour if you are fond of your grenades, the Verity’s Brow allows Guardians to unleash grenade-shaped hell.

Verity’s Brow holds the Exotic perk The Fourth Magic, which boosts grenade recharge for you and nearby allies upon scoring an Energy Weapon kill. Now this applies to every single Energy Weapon you could possibly utilise from your Auto Rifles and Scouts to Submachine Guns and even the revamped Fighting Lion grenade launcher. It is almost poetic to have grenade launcher kills generate grenade energy. The Fourth Magic is a stackable boost, with a kill beginning a timer of increased grenade regeneration. Every subsequent kill after that initial one will prompt a little extra time and a faster grenade recharge. This provides a brilliant synergy and combat flow, especially if you are fond of using Energy weapons.


Verity’s Brow is an unselfish Exotic helmet in that it actively benefits your team for you to go out and score kills. You can truly become a force to be reckoned with if you get the timing between a perfectly timed grenade toss followed up by some Energy Weapon kills and repeat.

No matter if you are a PVE veteran or a legend in the Crucible, having the positive feedback loop of Energy Weapon- grenade is a devastating combo, assuming you are scoring the final hits on those enemies. If you aren’t, The Fourth Magic buff will not apply leaving you with a  wasted opportunity. Verity’s Brow is especially deadly in the Crucible with the effectiveness of grenade abilities for all classes. Having an active way to boost that ability recharge which will also boost your allies creates a terrifying force. But you have got to be accurate and lucky with your Energy Weapons Guardians.


The Verity’s Brow can be earned quite easily if you complete the full Warmind campaign as a Warlock. Happy hunting.


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