Paladins: Champions of the Realm

Paladins Is Changing Up Their Update Schedule. What New Content Can We Expect?

With Paladins having just undergone its full launch, Hi-Rez has published a blog post stating that going forward players can expect a new format in relation to patches and updates.

Paladins players can expect major content updates every six weeks, presumably beginning from May 8th, the day the game launched out of beta. These content updates will include new Champions, new Events or other large content additions such as maps and new game modes.

Interspersed between these large content updates, smaller updates will bring bug fixes, balancing and overall polishing the look and feel of the game.

The first of these smaller patches has gone live, bringing with it a horde of bug fixes which is definitely going to bring the overall quality of the game up. The big-ticket item are the Battle Pass Challenges which are special quests available every ten levels, which provide a massive influx of Battle Points when you complete all four challenges. Complete the fifth set of Battle Pass Challenges to unlock the Legendary title, Gearhead.

Mercenary Strix

The Galaxy Chest is also making a return this patch with two brand new Epic skins, Galactic Scion Lian and Mercenary Strix. It is not hard to see who Strix is modelled after and they are both definitely skins you will want to pick up. The Galaxy Chest is still a bit pricey, however, sitting pretty at 300 Crystals.

Paladins is a true force that is here to stay and it is nice to see that Hi-Rez are committed to delivering consistent updates to the game without dropping into a content drought.

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