Destiny 2 Exotic Reviews

Exotic Review: The Huckleberry

Nothin’ in the world that 30 rounds can’t solve. 

The Huckleberry is essentially the only non-quest based new Exotic weapon in the Warmind DLC but it is quite the prominent one. A Kinetic submachine gun that can deliver a nearly infinite supply of bullets if you play it smart with your targets, The Huckleberry is one weapon that you are going to want to add to your collection.

The Huckleberry holds the Intrinsic Exotic perk, Ride The Bull which boosts the weapon’s rate of fire and recoil when you hold down the trigger. Ride The Bull also serves to reload a portion of the magazine every time you score a kill. This is why you can have a neverending stream of bullets if you pick your targets intelligently. The auto-reload of The Huckleberry ties in with the Exotic Trait Rampage, which temporarily increases the damage output of the weapon. This boost stacks up to three times making it the perfect tool to eliminate lower tier enemies.

The Huckleberry also comes with Fluted Barrel which greatly increases handling speed and slightly increases stability. Richochet Rounds increases stability and slightly increases range while Short-Action Stock serves to greatly increase handling speed. Stability is incredibly important on this weapon, with the fast-firing nature of submachine guns and the fact that Ride The Bull increases recoil.


Huckleberry In-Game

Kinetic submachine guns are usually not my go-to weapon, or really any submachine guns but The Huckleberry definitely has something special. This Exotic is all about increased lethality over time, so if you can score that first kill and remain on target, Rampage will ensure that you continue your…rampage. It can be a common problem with smgs that bullets are wasted due to the higher recoil and so their effectiveness is diminished. Due to the multiple perks that gift The Huckleberry with higher stability, as well as the simple fact that Ride The Bull returns ammo upon scoring a kill, this Exotic feels powerful and practical.

No matter what activity you enter into, The Huckleberry is a weapon that is designed for close range encounters. Even with the added stability from Richochet Rounds and Fluted Barrel, it will be hard to hit enough consecutive shots at range without even factoring in the damage falloff. The good news is that The Huckleberry can absolutely melt foes at those close ranges.

This goes for Guardians in the Crucible as well, with The Huckleberry being an excellent fallback weapon for close quarters engagements or on smaller maps. The automatic reloads granted by Ride The Bull is an excellent option to keep you prepped and ready for the next encounter which is incredibly valuable in the fast-paced environment of the Crucible.


The Huckleberry can be granted as a reward from any activity that has the chance to drop an Exotic, such as Flashpoints or from decoding an Exotic Engram. The Huckleberry can also be purchased from Xur if he happens to carry it in his inventory.

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