Sea Of Thieves

An Ancient Threat Has Awoken With Sea Of Thieves’ The Hungering Deep Update

The first free content update for Sea of Thieves, The Hungering Deep brings forth an unknowable and ancient danger to the oceans. The Hungering Deep will also bring a unique drum to add some percussion to your life as well as a brand new speaking trumpet, you know, so you can scream at other pirates when the giant beastie decides to surface.

The Hungering Deep is the first of three upcoming content updates that will bring a time-limited campaign to the game along with special, limited rewards to earn. While the special campaign will be a time-limited fixture, the deadly AI threat and any other content that arrives in the game will remain permanently. After The Hungering Deep, the seas will never be the same.

The same can be said for the two larger expansions coming after Hungering DeepCursed Sails and Forsaken Shores. Time-limited campaigns will surface with special rewards which will fade away leaving the bulk of the content in Sea of Thieves. But what is this vast AI threat that lurks below the waves?

Sea of Thieves Hungering Deep Teaser

As of yet there is no official confirmation and will likely remain that way until May 29th, when an unlucky crew first meets it. The intentionally vague The Hungering Deep trailer alludes to a giant shark creature, further backed up by official teaser photos from the Sea of Thieves Twitter page and website.

After much scouring of the internet, hunting down obscure shark-based sea creatures, it would appear that the mysterious threat coming with The Hungering Deep will most likely be a form of fantastical megalodon. The Megalodon, of course, is a giant shark that roamed the oceans as the dinosaurs roamed the land and the skies.

Hungering Deep Shark.png

It will be interesting to see how the deadly new denizen of the deep will interact with the Kraken and other existing mechanics, especially if it is indeed a type of large shark. Sharks and giant/colossal squid fight in the depths of the oceans all the time so hopefully that will replicate in Sea of Thieves. It will be entertaining and terrifying to see both of them interact while a crew desperately tries to fight both of them off.

Of course, that is not the only piece of content coming with The Hungering Deep, as we are getting a new percussive addition to our musical repertoire as well as a way to communicate with other crews at a distance. The drum will add more layers to any instrumental compilation and will serve to provide a badass soundtrack for any encroaching battle. The Speaking Trumpet, on the other hand, is a great way to communicate with other crews at a distance, to find out what their intentions are or to perhaps form an alliance without anxiety and unease breaking down a treaty before it has even begun.

Hungering Deep Flags

Furthering that end are the introductions of different flag varieties which you can hoist to the top of your crow’s nest to alert fellow pirates about your intent. Of course, it isn’t compulsory to accurately display the skull and crossbones if you are a murderer and pillager so perhaps keep your wits about you.

The Hungering Deep will arrive in Sea of Thieves for free on May 29th, so we only have a couple more days to wait. While the game is incredibly fun and jovial, it does suffer from content issues so hopefully, this first update will galvanise the game into a higher gear. Fair winds to you all, fellow pirates!

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