Exotic Review: Worldline Zero

A single strike can alter the course of history.

Worldline Zero is the first new Exotic sword Guardians have had since Destiny 1 and while it is incredibly awesome the perks can be particularly situational. The Worldline Zero is undoubtedly a powerful weapon but does seem a little disappointing when all is said and done, especially when you consider how long it takes to acquire it.

The Exotic perk of Worldline Zero is known as Tesseract, which allows you to perform a special spinning attack after sprinting for a short while. You are able to tell when Tesseract is ready to be used by a shift in the running stance of your Guardian. Tesseract also allows you to initiate a teleport if you activate the ability in mid-air. It is essentially a weapon-based Blink that can only be activated once per mid-air leap. Wordline Zero’s Trait is Assassin’s Blade which serves to increase movement speed and weapon damage every time you score a kill.

Tempered Edge increases the damage and amount of ammo held by Wordline Zero while Infinite Guard provides high efficiency and a balanced defence to the weapon. This means that Worldline Zero will block the same amount of damage regardless of the incoming damage type. Finally, Tireless Blade grants sword ammo on powered sword kills. Wordline Zero will be granted additional ammo based on the type of enemy killed.


Worldline Zero In Game.png

Wordline Zero is a powerful Exotic sword but if I am honest, is nowhere near as powerful to me as Dark Drinker. In Crucible scenarios, as long as you play the corners and dash from cover to cover Wordline Zero will serve you well, able to eliminate most Guardians you encounter without too much trouble. While it doesn’t have a lot of functionality, the short-distance teleport afforded by Tesseract can disorient your foes just long enough to get within striking distance.

However, Worldline Zero seems to function a lot better in PVE situations due to kills providing increased damage, making it perfect for dealing with hordes of low to mid strength enemies. In terms of the Exotic perk, Tesseract, you can clear out multiple enemies at a time providing you have the foresight to build up into a full sprint before you attack. If not, Worldline Zero will perform a simple uppercut, which, while devastating won’t have quite the same effect.


The Worldline Zero can only be earned by destroying 35 of the 45 new holographic Latent Memories on Mars. These Latent Memories are either purple, blue, orange, white or red, each corresponding to a particular damage type. White can be destroyed by any weapon while red can only be destroyed by a Valkyrie Javelin.

Once 35 Latent Memories are destroyed, head to the Core Terminus lost sector accessed through the Braytech Futurescape and locate a Warmind cache. Trust me, you’ll recognise it. Interact with the cache and you will be awarded the Worldline Zero Exotic sword.

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