Paladins: Champions of the Realm

Square Off Against The Abyss With Paladins Update 1.1, Rise Of Furia

Hi-Rez has peeled back the veil on the upcoming Paladins update pitting the forces of the Realm against those of the Abyss. This is a truly massive patch, bringing with it a new Support Champion, new event game mode and a custom built map. Oh, and we cannot forget all the awesome cosmetics.

Rise Of Furia Game Mode

The event is known as the Rise of Furia and raises the bar set by the first Paladins event, Siege of Ascension Peak. Players will be assigned a random Champion and be plunged into the Abyss forced to climb their way out in a desperate bid for freedom, against an identical enemy team.

Abyssal Spire

The beginning of the match is spent leaping and climbing from platform to platform, gifted with increased movement speed and jump height. On the way up, players will be able to collect Pyre Blessings which provide a boost to your Champion’s Ultimate charge, giving you a definitive edge at the climax of the match.

The Abyssal Spire in the centre of the pit will slowly rise, forcing the constant upward flow of Champions. Once at the top of the Spire, a special crystal is able to be destroyed activating the Abyss Spire’s arena and initiating the second phase of the game mode. Players will then need to battle against the enemy team with standard Team Deathmatch rules except you only need 30 kills to win.

Divine Seris

The bonus is that each kill provides a special event currency known as Abyssal Shards, so if you successfully win a Rise of Furia match, you will earn 30 Shards. These can be exchanged for special event cosmetics, which also happens to include the returned Divine Seris.

Archangel Tyra

Much like Siege of Ascension Peak, there are three limited edition bundles available for purchase for 400 Crystals each. Purchasing all three bundles unlocks the Abyssal Lord bundle which we will take a look at shortly.


Archangel Tyra brings a heavenly influence to the battle against the Abyss, with revamped divine effects, such as the holy fire firebomb and a special musical chorus that can be heard every time you reload.

Fallen Androxus In Game

Fallen Androxus seems to follow along with his lore quite well, a mistake made that has led to him being cursed, only in this context he is a fallen angel. The voice lines that were previewed during the Update Showcase exhibited the anger and pain of this fallen archangel, even to the point where his wings were taken away.

Fallen Androxus Weapon

As with all of these event skins, Fallen Androxus comes with a suite of new visual effects, including a demonic decal that becomes visible if a Reversal bounces back and hits a wall or the floor, as well as firing an Accursed Arm shot at any surface other than a Champion.

Demonette MaeveDemonette Maeve In Game

Demonette Maeve is quite possibly one of the favourite skins from the Rise of Furia reveal, sporting a completely different look to how we have seen Maeve in the past. The inspiration behind Demonette Maeve was to insert a bit of demonic playfulness into the event and the Realm, while still maintaining the aesthetic. Plus the voice lines are remarkable.

The cosmetic bundles each come with 200 Abyssal Shards for you to spend in the event store as well as a limited, Champion specific MVP pose: Crossed (Maeve), Executioner (Androxus) and Reckoning.


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If you do purchase all three of the above bundles you will be given access to the overseer of the event, Abyssal Lord Drogoz. This is not someone you want to cross, and while Demonette Maeve may have a playful side, the Abyssal Lord is all business.

Rise Of Furia Deathstamp

With the Abyssal Lord bundle, you will also gain access to the Dominator MVP pose for Drogoz, the Effigy Death Stamp, a limited The Demon title and 1000 Abyssal Shards. While on the topic of Abyssal Shards, the event store will only become available once one of the bundles have been purchased.


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Each item in the event store will cost 100 Abyssal Shards and includes three new roaming emotes. Break Dance Makoa, Spooky Seris and Unimpressed Khan will all be available for players to unlock. And yes that is the slow clap.

Furia, the Angel Of Vengeance

Furia, Angel Of Vengeance In Game

Furia, the embodiment of the righteous fire of the Pyre and the sister of Seris, comes to the Realm as an in-your-face aggressive healer. Furia can be classed as an offensive Support and this is helped along by a synergistic relationship between her attack speed and the amount of healing she is doing.

Furia’s weapon is a hybrid sword-gun known as a Pyre Blade, that while awesome doesn’t function as a melee instrument. The Pyre Blade deals 330 damage every 0.5 seconds with a medium spread. The Pyre Blade comes hand in hand with a stackable buff known as Wrath which increases her attack speed. Essentially, two heals can fill the Wrath bar, but it is worth noting that Wrath will decay over time.

Kindle Soul

Kindle Soul is Furia’s main form of healing, where she will cast a spell over an ally instantly healing them for 1000 and then 500 over an additional two seconds for a grand total of 1500. Utilising Kindle Soul will charge your Wrath bar, allowing for a larger damage output due to the increased speed.

Pyre Strike

Pyre Strike sends out a beam of fiery light that stuns enemies for one second, deals 400 damage instantly as well as 20 damage for every 0.05 seconds they remain inside the beam. This may not seem like much but it averages out to be an additional 400 damage every second. Pyre Strike is valuable as it can travel through multiple enemies at a time, with each being stunned and damaged.

Wings Of Wrath

Furia’s movement ability is known as Wings of Wrath and while it does only allow her to move backwards, it also sends out three tracking blasts of energy that each deal 200 damage. These attacks will follow enemies even if Furia activates Wings of Wrath behind an obstacle or anything that blocks line of sight. However, there is a limit to the tracking capability of these attacks but it can create space and provide Furia an advantage.


Inflame is Furia’s Ultimate ability which causes Furia to be untargetable for two seconds, which basically means she is immune for a short while. Following this, for eight seconds Furia and allies within 150 feet will be imbued with 30% additional movement speed and attack damage. Couple that with Furia’s single-target healing ability and you can make a definitive push and hopefully win the match or complete a push.

Furia is here to stay and minions of the Abyss better beware. There is no confirmed release date for patch 1.1 but it will most likely become available next week for PC and the following week for consoles, but here’s to hoping that the full Paladins release has synced everything up.

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