An Eidolon Inspired Frame Is Coming To Warframe

With Khora having been released and millions of players running Sanctuary Onslaught to try and acquire her, the team over at Digital Extremes are wasting no time in revealing the next Warframe.

Referred to as Vlad internally, as it doesn’t have an official name as yet, the next Warframe is imbued with dangerous Sentient energy and he utilises this energy to slay enemies and control them. Vlad is the first instance of a Warframe inspired by the towering Eidolons.

Despite not having an official name, Vlad already has his abilities mapped out (albeit nameless ones), and while they may be tweaked or altered before his official release, they are still incredibly badass;

  • Passive: Innate lifesteal proportional to how much energy he has.
  • First Ability: Cast on an enemy to afflict them, making them follow you around while drawing aggro. They are invulnerable to attacks. Recasting on an afflicted enemy will transfer them to ‘final affliction mode’ where they can attack enemies and afflict them as well.

    Fully afflicted enemies explode upon death and restore energy when killed.

  • Second Ability: While active enemies that attack you are stunned. Each cast gives the player a set number of charges, each stunned enemy uses up one charge.

    Stunned enemies can be afflicted at no energy cost.

  • Third Ability: Casting turns Vlad into a mist that afflicts enemies as you pass through. Passing through enemies also steals their health and shields.
  • Fourth Ability: Creates a large AOE blast that puts all caught enemies to sleep for a duration.

While Vlad and his kit are still very much a work in progress, his vampirish ways are intriguing and will definitely add a unique variation to Warframe gameplay.




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